BRITAIN YES! Caribbean Negress is Crowned Miss Universe Great Britain

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
July 18, 2018

In 2017, something shocking happened: Stephanie Hill, pictured above, was crowned Miss England.

She was English.

Jews were outraged. The judges had reliably informed them that the competition was rigged to favor a genderfluid hunchback from Botswana.

How did this Aryan snake-in-the-grass slip through the cracks and win?

Never mind. Miss Universe Great Britain, a more prestigious beauty competition, was on the horizon. This would be an even better opportunity to show Britons that diversity is the glue that holds their nation together!

The Independent:

Miss Universe Great Britain has crowned its first black winner since the pageant began in 1952.

Dee-Ann Rogers made history when she received the accolade on Saturday; she will go on to represent the UK at the International Miss Universe competition, once-owned by Donald Trump, which will take place in December in the Philippines.

She is so much prettier than those homely white shiksas, goyim!

And that head shape… wow. Human af.

The 25-year-old hails from Anguilla, a British territory in the Caribbean, and competed against 40 women from England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and British overseas territories to win the prestigious title.

“The adrenaline from winning hasn’t died down yet,” Rogers tells The Independent.

On being the first black woman to win the pageant, she added that it “hasn’t properly hit” her yet and she suspects it won’t until she returns home to Anguilla.

I looked up “British overseas territories” on Wikipedia (because cynical old me had the sneaking suspicion that they weren’t part of the UK), and lo and behold:

So why is this ayy lmao from the Caribbean allowed to represent Britain in a beauty competition? It’s not like the motherland is lacking coloreds to satisfy Shlomo’s diversity requirements.

Of course, we know why: to kick British people in the teeth yet again. To remind them that they’re no longer in control of their own borders, and that they’ve gone from colonizer to colonized without a single teaspoon raised in protest.

While beauty pageants are frequently criticised for their lack of diversity, Rogers believes her win reflects a long-awaited change in the industry.

“I absolutely believe that diversity is increasing in pageantry and there are many examples around the world,” she says.

Beauty standards are changing and it is an exciting time for all women of all backgrounds.”

Sorry darkie, but physical beauty is not a subjective notion. Studies show that light skin, facial symmetry and refined features – white features – are reliable indicators of beauty among all races, and were regarded as such long before colonialism or the advent of the “Western” media.

There’s this thing called the “Golden Ratio,” and non-white faces don’t have it.

Hence, any beauty competition that places non-white contestants ahead of white contestants is going to be dishonest and politically motivated.

Which is the case with almost all beauty competitions these days.

That said, one guy did not favor non-whites in his beauty contests.

He got a lot of criticism for that.

He gets a lot of criticism for not favoring non-whites in his country, either.

God bless that man.