British are the Only Other People Stupid Enough to Believe Trump’s Iran Hoax

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 17, 2019

Deeb goncern.

Unsurprisingly, the only people other than fat Boomermericans willing to believe the Trump Administration’s insane Gulf of Oman hoax are the British.

These are the same British who were stupid enough to do the Iraq war with us.

Jeremy Corbyn is being called a traitor for not believing the hoax.


UK ministers including the foreign secretary have been quick to ridicule Jeremy Corbyn’s call for caution over blaming Iran for two attacks on Gulf tankers last week. The problem is the EU supports the Labour leader’s stance.

In the aftermath of Thursday’s attack, Corbyn took to social media to warn that the UK government’s rhetoric concerning the issue would “only increase the threat of war.” He suggested that they should be working to “ease tensions in the Gulf”and called for “credible evidence” to be put forward before entering into the blame game.

A viewpoint that riled Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, who branded the Labour leader “pathetic and predictable,” and asked why Corbyn can never back “British allies” [the US] or “British intelligence.”

Home Secretary Sajid Javid also waded in on Twitter, claiming Corbyn was “never on the side of the country he seeks to lead,” preferring to side with those that ‘threaten Britain’s national security’.

Painted as some kind of extremist by the UK government, Corbyn has found solidarity from EU nations and the UN secretary-general on this highly contentious issue. Ironically, Britain has been left isolated in their full backing of the US narrative, one that explicitly blames Iran for the events in the Gulf of Oman.

Yeah, no one in the EU believes it.

No one anywhere believes it.

Other than very specifically American and British conservative boomers.

Most people on earth are basically a bunch of fucking retards. But there is just this one group of people that is stupider than all of these retards combined.

And it seems that they will never die, never shut the fuck up, never stop destroying the earth.