British Teen Who Claimed 12 Jews Raped Her Says Police Dictated Her Confession and Ordered Her to Sign It

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
August 5, 2019

The British teenager

The 19-year-old British woman who claimed that 12 Jews raped her was recently arrested because she allegedly changed her story and a video of her having sex with some of the 12 men surfaced where she seemed to be enjoying herself.

Now there’s a new twist.

Daily Mail:

A British tourist held in Cyprus for allegedly making false claims of gang-rape was forced to sign a confession fabricated by the police, according to reports.

The 19-year-old woman was denied a lawyer and made to sign the statement after being kept at the police station for eight hours.

Michael Polak, a British barrister who is representing the teenager, said: ‘The confession was obtained under oppression given the threats made.

‘She was not cautioned and was not given access to a lawyer as was her right under the European Convention on Human rights.

‘Further, the teenager was not told she could leave the police station nor given the option of leaving at any point.’

The woman also sent messages to her friends minutes before she was charged at 2.30am claiming the police would not let her speak to anyone.

She wrote: ‘It’s crazy. They wouldn’t let me talk to anyone.

‘I said I have a right to have a lawyer here. Not in Cyprus, maybe the UK not Cyprus.

‘They’ve honestly made me sign false…’ Other messages to her friends read: ‘Bad things with police.

They think it’s a conspiracy and they threatened an international arrest warrant to arrest you all for it.’ 

One friend replied: ‘WTF. What the hell.’ 

Yeah, it’s called anti-Semitism and being a Nazi.

Welcome to the club, darling.

You are officially one of us now, slut. Send an email to Mr. Anglin and he may set you up with a forum account. Once you have access to the forums, you’ll be able to tell your story and talk about Jews freely. You’ll have to provide proof that you are who you say you are though, but that’ll be easy enough considering your interracial porn videos are all over the internet.

Police reports seen by The Sun also state medical examinations of two Israelis found ‘suspicious scratches’ and bruises on their backs and chests.

They claimed they had been attacked by the woman’s friends by the hotel’s manager denies such a fight taking place.

The reports are also said to include details of one of the Israeli youths changing his story.

I see how telling the cops “yeah, women do that when you fuck them hard enough” would be problematic.

But it’s the truth.

It comes days after the woman’s legal team claimed she has been a victim of ‘revenge porn’ after the youths sent friends a video of her having drunken sex which has since gone viral.

According to Israeli sources, the video has been shared widely via WhatsApp, social media and even on porn sites after one or more of the youths sent it to friends.

The footage is also believed to show the group making derogatory comments about the woman in Hebrew during the encounter.

One source said: ‘The video is everywhere. In it you can hear one of the boys saying in Hebrew “You’re my whore – say you are my whore“.

‘She doesn’t understand and asks what they are saying and one of them replies in English “We are saying you’re sexy”. It is not very nice. It’s not how men should act. A lot of people in Israel are starting to question their behaviour.’

We have the video where she is clearly enjoying – and “consenting” to – sex with more than one Israeli kike. The video shows that it was not “rape.”

But as I mentioned before, it isn’t impossible that some of the Jews had consensual sex with her and THEN, when more joined in, she tried to get them to stop because she was only ready to get railed by 3-4 kikes, not 12, and that’s how it became “rape” in her stupid whore brain.

That at least explains why she would accuse them of “rape” when she knew there was a video of the event.

But as wise women used to tell young women, back before feminism – “once you’re naked, all bets are off.” So trying to parse out which parts of the gang-bang she enjoyed and which parts she was uncomfortable with is not really the job of any court.

And the female should be prosecuted for having sex with Jews either way. The Jews should be prosecuted for being Jewish, but they’re already back in Israel so there’s nothing anyone can do to get them.

The fact that we’re even hearing about this retarded situation speaks volumes about the state of the world.