“British” Website That Helps Moslems Find Second Wife Hits 100K Users

Daily Stormer
October 26, 2017

Azad Chaiwala, the tech innovator ensuring the continued existence of Sweden

This is good news for (((those))) concerned these filthy subhumans aren’t breeding fast enough…

Daily Mail:

A website designed to help Muslim men find ‘second wives’ in the UK has more than 100,000 users.

Polygamy, where a person has more than one spouse, is illegal in the UK, carrying a possible prison sentence of up to seven years.

Such marriages are only recognised if they took place in countries where they are legal.

In other words – it’s de facto legal, and all you have to do is go on vacation to a raghead country and do it. That is, if you even care, considering you still get all the welfare even if it’s not in a legal marriage. And Moslems don’t recognize British law anyway, and a lot of Moslems in Western countries don’t even bother legally marrying their first wife, they just do it at the mosque.

Useless fucking law…

 However, there is no law to stop unregistered religious ceremonies taking place.

Currently, there are more than 25,000 British members using the site.

Remind me again – who won WWII?

Oh, that’s right – the fucking kikes did.

 Azad Chaiwala, from Sunderland, who established SecondWife.com, said he was responding to a need.

The need to exterminate Britain faster.

 But campaigners yesterday lambasted the site for encouraging women into abusive relationships that deny them rights given by the law of the land to women in registered marriages.

They say the practise opens women, often younger than their husbands, up to loneliness, physical abuse and even trafficking.

Yesterday, a Daily Mail reporter – who signed up to the site as an 18-year-old woman – was not asked for age verification.

They were immediately presented with profiles of local Muslim men aged from 30 to 60.

What age verification, you idiots? This is a “religion” founded by a schizophrenic pedophile who married a 6-year old.

“Not so fast, bigot! He waited until she was 9 to have sex with her! HA!” – some brainwashed idiot

The real question is: why are these creatures in Britain?

 Yasmin Rehman, of the Centre for Secular Space, called the website ‘deeply dangerous’ and called on politicians to take action.

She said: ‘I think it’s deeply dangerous. He’s promoting inequality and exploitation of women and undermining what marriage is about, and he’s making money out of it.

Miss Rehman, a Muslim herself, said: ‘I don’t think he should be allowed to do it. I think he’s flouting the law – anyone else would become subject to polygamy laws. It sits alongside websites like brides from abroad.

‘I meet women who have been trafficked and prostituted. I’m fed up with this being accepted. There are Muslim women across the world fighting this, some at great risk to themselves.’

You don’t belong in Europe any more than he does. Get the fuck out!

 While there are no official figures, it is estimated that there may be as many as 20,000 polygamous marriages in the British Muslim community.

Gina Khan, of One Law For All, who herself has been a victim of polygamous marriage, said: ‘The website is disgusting. It’s a medieval practice for Muslim men who want to commit adultery and they are using religion, it’s an abusive practice.

‘It sends a shiver down my spine that this can happen to my daughter. This is an epidemic in Birmingham, and it was unheard of in the 1980s.

‘It’s impacting hundreds of British women and it’s being ignored by the state in this country.

Moslems are an epidemic on all of Europe, not just Birmingham.

One man, a doctor from South Yorkshire, who found a second wife through the site, told BBC Inside Out North East and Cumbria (pls keep): ‘If I have the ability to manage more than one wife then I would like to have this opportunity.

‘It’s up to the man, as wise as he could be, to treat them fairly and kindly and caringly.’

His ‘second wife’ said she went into the marriage because she wants to have a degree of independence, but she has been left insecure by the ‘contract’.

She said: ‘I’ve found myself being more insecure… it’s really affecting me. I wouldn’t do it again, because it’s not easy emotionally, it really isn’t.

I don’t give a shit about your feels, your worthless cockroach.

You don’t belong in Europe,or anywhere on this planet for that matter.

Anything the Burmese can do, we can do better.

And we’ll do it soon.