British Women Are Paying More Than £17,000 For a 70-80% Chance of Having a Baby

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 4, 2019

Writer Sarah Duguid did a piece for the Daily Mail detailing her investigation about the egg freezing industry in the United Kingdom that revealed that British women are paying more than £17,000 for a 70-80% chance of having a baby after about three decades of whoring around.

You can add this one to your list of reasons why women should not be allowed to choose anything.

Daily Mail:

The London Egg Bank, part of the London Women’s Clinic, a fertility centre based on Harley Street, is selling itself as the place for career women to get their eggs frozen.

This will, it is suggested, give them the chance to preserve their fertility, with the option of trying to conceive at a later date with eggs which have been put on ice when they’re younger – and are therefore better quality.

Egg Freezing 101 is a ticketed event that’s free to attend, as long as you sign up to the London Egg Bank website.

Guests are invited to join the ‘rapidly growing’ number of women who are choosing to freeze their eggs. The event promises to show women how egg freezing can help them, as well as giving them the enticement of discounts to the clinic’s services.

The surroundings are discreetly luxurious. Gold and black pendant lights hang in the reception area. Glass consulting rooms look as if they’d be more at home in a fashionable advertising agency than a hospital. With a teacup in one hand and biscuit in the other, the women are invited to gather around while they wait for the rest of the party. Everyone is handed an information folder containing price lists and a flyer for the clinic that reads: ‘Take Control.’

The majority of the guests are women on their own, although two have come with male partners, and one appears to be there with her mother.

Operations manager Marta Wolska takes the stage and begins the sales pitch. She explains that using the latest technique called vitrification – in which eggs are flash-frozen in liquid nitrogen rather than gradually lowered in temperature – 96 per cent of eggs that are frozen will survive defrosting.

Marta’s message is clear. Fertility declines with age, and by investing in egg freezing at a young age, a woman can defy Mother Nature and preserve her fertility for years to come.

If the women sign up today they’ll be offered a 30 per cent discount on all of the clinic’s services, from a fertility MOT at £370, to a three-cycle package of egg freezing at a full cost of £9,500.

For those women under 35, the clinic’s services are free if they sign up to the ‘freeze and share’ option – a new programme where women donate half of their ‘harvested’ eggs to the clinic, which will then sell them on at a cost of £10,700 to women unable to conceive with their own eggs.

The remaining half will be frozen for two years at no cost and then attract a £250 a year freezing fee after that. Marta boasts of the clinic’s flexible opening times – staff even work on Sundays.

Then, extraordinarily, she offers to escort any woman home after the egg harvesting treatment if they don’t have a partner or good friend to do it.

Once Marta has completed her talk, Kamal Ahuja, founder of the London Women’s Clinic, comes on stage. He is introduced as the doctor and his talk focuses on the great strides there have been in fertility medicine since he began his career in the 1980s.

While the women listen intently, there is one statistic that both presenters have remained conspicuously quiet about: the chances of actually giving birth to a baby using a frozen egg.

Eventually, he offers a statistic: if a woman has 50 eggs frozen, she will have a 70 to 80 per cent chance of having a baby.

Soon afterwards, he reveals that to gather 50 eggs would usually mean five cycles of egg collection. That is far more than most women could cope with, let alone afford (it would cost more than £17,000 for five cycles. And that cost is for freezing alone – it doesn’t include later fertilisation and implantation of embryos).

The author then talks about the process of egg collection.

It starts with more than a week’s worth of hormone injections to encourage the ovaries to produce multiple eggs (instead of just the one egg produced in a typical cycle).

When the eggs are mature and ready to be retrieved, the patient undergoes sedation and a needle is used to harvest the eggs. There have been rare cases of women bleeding so severely from the needle that they’ve had to have their ovaries removed.

What is even going on here with these whores? After getting tricked into imitating men, joining the workforce, and and succumbing to the temptation of the modern hedonistic lifestyle, they’re willing to pay close to £20,000 so they can continue being whores for longer.

The “Take Control” flyer is the icing on the deception cake. By putting off motherhood, women are giving away control because they’re losing fertility. Time is always ticking, and freezing their eggs doesn’t really give them any control back and instead gives the clinics control over their own fertility. Paying for it doesn’t change the fact that it is effectively giving away control. They literally give away their current fertility to someone else under the premise that they’ll get it back later on. Does that sound like taking control?

Eggs are just one part of the problem of decreasing fertility as women age. The entire female body is a baby-making machine, and focusing on freezing just one tiny but critical component of the machinery is not the same as freezing the machine itself. Their fertility goes away even if they freeze their eggs.

Women are not meant to have their first kid in their forties. That’s no way of keeping species alive, and it doesn’t even make sense in the context of our current society.

If women are told to do men stuff such as working and being independent, then why don’t they do that after being mothers and after their kids have grown? They literally have the rest of their lives to do PowerPoint presentations or whatever it is they do at their “jobs” after they lose their fertility. Why waste time with it while they’re fertile? Why waste their fertility?

Editor's Note: The answer of course is that it is about dick, not work. "I want to work on my career first" is femspeak for "I want to fuck a bunch of guys." -AA

Women having their first kid at 15 or 16 means they’d be in their early thirties once their eldest is an adult. Entering the workforce instead of entering motherhood in most cases means they’d be of grandma-age once they feel forced into motherhood later on, which is what is happening today with women aged 40 and up thinking they’re finally ready to become mothers.

That would be better than what we have now with all these whores getting dried up before freaking out and realizing they should urgently become mothers but it would probably make it harder for them to enter the workforce as grown adults because we have a retarded system where you’re asked for experience in order to get experience after having spent north of 20 years in the “education” system.

It’s not perfect, but it’s definitely better. Who cares if they never end up working anyways? Nothing of value would be lost.

Among some women, there is an air of quiet panic. Attractive and intelligent with good careers but finding themselves without committed partners, they are worried about the future. They know they want a family, but time is ticking on. They want an insurance policy.

Raquel, 38, is single and wants to freeze her eggs in case she meets someone in the next few years. She wants to buy time. She wants to be able to spend time getting to know a man rather than feel forced to rush into something.

Insanity. She had like 25 years to get to know a man. These whores are insane.

It’s sad to think the one thing women are good at is so demonized. Motherhood is their one thing. Everything else they do is either irrelevant or secondary to motherhood in importance. We need our womb-factories to be producing babies. The future needs our womb machines to function as womb machines, not repurposing them into caricatures of men.

But hey, it’s fine. If white women don’t produce white children, we can import brown people to do that. We can even import grown, ready-to-use brown men to start paying all of our pensions.

The West is run by loonies. This is now the land of the clowns.