Brownskins Planning Mass March Against White People!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 5, 2019

The Brownshirts skins have decided to show their hand.

The battle lines are becoming clearer and clearer as the days go by. Now you’ve got leftists openly organizing against White people – who don’t exist, mind you – and calling for their genocide.

This was their plan all along, but now it’s finally being coaxed out into the open.


In wake of yet another mass casualty event in not only El Paso Texas but also Dayton Ohio on the same day, it is time the targeted communities of America stood up against the prevailing threat of our time. It is time for us to March Against Whiteness.

President Donald J Trump took office under a divisive platform of hate and racism only to assume the position of commander and chief through questionable means of hacking voting machines with the help of his Russian allies. Rural White America has spoken. They are a regressive group of racists who will do almost anything to hold on to the fleeting power they once held a monopoly over. From marching in Charlottesville to online hate trolls, it would appear that white America has found their new niche within the 21st century, The Mass Shooter.

As a woman of color, i have watched this country fall apart since Obama left office. White men have become the number 1 terrorist threat facing the nation today and even the current President of the United States refuses to address the prevailing issue of White Terrorism.

One sheboon barking on the internet does not a movement make.

But this has been done before. Only, they had smarter organizers who labeled it a march against White Supremacy. But this was because some clever Jews no doubt ran that operation. Will this continue to be the case though? Will the Jews be able to control the revolution that they’ve been fomenting?

Or will the golem run amok?

You can say what you will about all of these recent shooters… but I’m going to go ahead and say that objectively speaking, accelerationism appears to be working.

That is to say: shit’s going to hell in a handbasket. 

My understanding of accelerationism has always been that it was a strategy designed to get the enemy to overreact and to commit a catastrophic blunder by showing their hand. If some retards thought that this meant we should vote for Hillary Clinton, that’s on them. And while retards branding their “vote for Democrats so the enemy wins” plan as “accelerationism” is as frustrating as it is enraging, it does not discredit the real accelerationism stratagem.

Smarter people like Brenton Tarrant quite obviously had another plan in mind for the future of the West.

He believed that he could provoke an overreaction that would get normies to suddenly sit up and take notice of the slow-boil White Genocide agenda. By doing his prank, he expected others to begin copycatting him and the West (US government, mainly) to start moving in the direction of gun confiscations. He believed that this move by the leftist fringe would finally provoke a last stand fight instinct in normiecon Whites.

Brenton wanted to lure the left into a catastrophic trap.

The other shooters haven’t shown the same level of understanding of the situation as Brenton did, but despite this, inspired by his actions, they are all acting according to the plan.

Meanwhile, the organized Left is having a hard time keeping discipline within the ranks and stopping woke Brownskins from openly expressing their hatred for Americans.

This is an official declaration and proclamation. We will no longer stand idle as our brothers and sisters are gunned down by white supremacists for nothing other than the color of their skin.

I beg of you to set up your own March Against Whiteness in whatever city you reside in and to spread the word. The time for action is NOW! 

We see this everywhere now. A Medium article. A tweet from a heart-eater rep from New York. An interview with a bulbhead from Minnesota. Rampant unhinged anarchist/Antifa terrorism. Every soundbite and every bullet brings more and more people off the fence and into one extreme camp or another.

Memes aside, we’re hurtling towards an actual civil war here, lads. 

And I, for one, welcome it.