Brussels: Moslem Female Deported for Not Taking Off Trash Bag! Nice Job Guys!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 17, 2017

The whole system is beginning to be slowly rolled back.

We have all the momentum.

We can’t lose.


A Danish Muslim woman has been deported to Tunisia for refusing to remove her religious veil while going through security at Brussels Airport, Belgium’s State Secretary for Asylum and Migration has said.

The woman landed at Brussels Zaventem Airport on Wednesday on a flight from Tunis, Tunisia.

In a post on Facebook, immigration minister Theo Francken said that the woman had refused to show her face in Tunis and again refused to do so in Belgium.

“After she refused to make her face visible in Tunis, she refused to do so in Zaventem. Our border police then refused her access to the Schengen area. Without identity checks, no access to our territory,” he said.

The woman was deported to Tunisia on Friday.

Belgium banned the full face veil in 2011. Women wearing the veils can face fines and up to seven days in jail for repeat offences.

The law was challenged at the the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in 2013, but in July of this year, the court upheld the ban, ruling that it doesn’t violate European human rights law.

Roflmao “Danish Muslim.”

I wonder if Denmark will white knight for her or just be like “well, bitch – guess you shoulda thought that through a little bit better, huh? You’re just going to have to stay in Tunisia forever now then.”

Belgium being less cucked than Denmark would be a grand development.

All of this happening relates to the core issue at hand: the well of pity for the terrorists has dried up. No one has any more of this pity in their pity sheds.

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