Brussels: Moslems Set Their Neighborhoods on Fire, Attack Firemen

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
January 3, 2019

So… isn’t this further proof that these hajis just want to burn Brussels to the ground?

And they’re actually quite serious about it?

Voice of Europe:

Firemen in Brussels had to flee from youths in the multicultural suburb of Molenbeek several times. The fire brigade’s union is “sick of it”, Belgian newspaper HLN reports.

During New Year’s Eve the fire brigade were attacked with stones and fireworks and a house burned to the ground as firemen had to wait for police protection.

“It’s the same situation at Zwarte Vijvers [Molenbeek] every year, Eric Labourdette of the labour union says. “They call us to report small fires and then attack us when we want to help,” he says.

According to Labourdette, the situation in the neighbourhood is out of control, is “youths were plundering shops and no control is possible”.

“Totally unacceptable”, regional Interior Minister Pieter de Crem said about the dangerous situation for emergency services to work in the area.

The Minister calls for a crackdown by the police to prevent the formation of no-go areas in the neighbourhoods.