Build a Human Wall, Eh? Trump Suggests Red Rover Strategy on the Border

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 5, 2019

Do kids still play Red Rover?

Or is it considered too violent? Toxic white masculinity, like stalking black people with a cosh?

And with kids on cellphones all day, do they even ever play outside either way?

I’m just sitting here wondering if people younger than me even know what it is.

And it’s definitely called something different in the UK. Probably “Woggle Woogy” or something.

It’s a game where you have at least ten or so kids, equal number on each side of a grassy area, with their arms locked. One team shouts out the name of someone and he or she runs across and tries to break through the locked arms.

Here’s a video about it.

Holy God, children’s lives were so much better before smartphones.

I am so thankful to have grown up before them.

Anyway, yes, Trump appears to be suggesting some kind of Red Rover situation with the Mexicans.

This might be his best plan yet.

Just when I was losing hope.

This Red Rover plan could work.

I hope he includes it in the State of the Union tomorrow.

“I am calling for a complete and total Red Rover on the Mexican border…”

Happy Lunar New Year, Everyone.


Here’s the Red Rover Wikihow.

If you’re a parent, you should consider smashing your kids’ cellphones in front of them, then forcing them to play this game until they get over the withdrawal.