Bungie Jewing Gamers Yet Again With New Destiny 2 Expansion “Warmind”

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
May 16, 2018

I hope you like spending $20 to get nothing in return, goy!

I remember having a blast playing Halo when it fist came out (on pc – master race 4 evah). Bungie, back in those days, was making great games, and seemed untouchable.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Ever since they’ve been working on their Destiny series, Bungie has been a nonstop shitshow, not only presenting us with subpar, unfinished products, but completely screwing over their customers with shit like locking away content you already bought unless you buy all the newest DLCs.

This is some next-level Jewing right there.

After overwhelming community backlash, Bungie/Activision reversed course on that one. So you’d think they’d have learned their lesson by now and their next DLC wouldn’t be a steaming pile of crap.

Well, you’d be wrong.


People were excited for Destiny 2.

Then Destiny 2 actually came out. At first, things seemed okay. The story was good this time around, at least. There was a map. Then we all started to notice the problems, and those problems just kept piling up.

The new weapon load-out system prioritized PvP over PvE, as did many other changes like slow cool-downs. 4 vs 4 in the Crucible was fine, but not at the expense of 6 vs 6. The game felt sluggish compared to the original. The end-game felt barren.

But it does feel strange that they had fixed so much in the original Destiny only to throw it all out for the sequel. The constant scramble to fix stuff is a turn-off for gamers and must be exhausting for Bungie and the other developers (Raven and Vicarious Visions) working on the game.

Initially, Bungie sold Destiny as a game that they would just continue to tweak and expand over time, like an MMO. That seems like a pretty good deal. Pay once for the base game, then buy regular content packs if you like the game, and never have to worry about all your items and progression getting scrapped when the next yearly sequel comes out.

A WoW FPS. Good business model. The customer wins, the company gets rich. Everyone’s happy.

Of course, things didn’t happen this way. After a little while, Bungie just threw Destiny in the garbage and released Destiny 2 for full price, almost entirely void of any content.

In other words, the only reason for this is to be able to charge $60 a second time – without delivering content – and then continue charging more money for the actual game.

A complete scam.

Which they don’t even end up delivering, lol.

It seems this newest “expansion” is just more of the same money-grubbing.

We keep hoping it will get better and it keeps getting a tiny bit better, inch by inch, but never enough to offset the things that are still mind-bogglingly bad about this game. For instance, the new Warmind DLC. It’s another DLC that feels woefully under-cooked. Over at Destructoid, Chris Carter gives the DLC a 5.5 out of 10. Ouch.

Carter sums up his feelings about the DLC thusly:

It seems obvious that the bulk of this DLC was developed before the game went into recovery mode. Destiny 2: Warmind is a better effort than Osiris, but its limited scope and re-used concepts prevent it from attaining greatness. Bit by bit, slowly over the course of the last eight months, Bungie has been making Destiny 2 a more complete experience. It’s a shame though that so many parts of that whole aren’t coming — as several of the studio’s own developers have put it — “until later in the fall.” For now you can rest easy skipping out on the season pass and possibly grab the inevitable Game of the Year Edition if the situation improves.

My colleague Paul Tassi’s early review of the DLC bemoans some of the new content’s biggest issues.

They’ve got good art direction, I’ll grant them that. It would be nice if there was an actual game with those assets.

These include:

  • Rushed storytelling (Paul describes the ending as something that feels like the start of something cool, not the end of a complete story.)
  • Recycled content.
  • Strikes are repeated story missions.
  • One new strike is a PS4 exclusive, which is something Bungie should have learned to never do long, long ago.
  • Mars is cool (but honestly, it should have been in the game from the beginning along with the Moon etc.)
  • It’s better than Curse of Osiris but that’s a low bar at best.
  • The new Horde Mode has potential but you won’t be able to survive it until you grind levels.

This is all so very much what we’ve come to expect from Destiny 2 and Bungie (though this DLC is the work of Vicarious Visions, it is still Bungie’s game and their reputation on the line.) Half-baked content. Recycled content. Bare-bones storytelling. Big promises that almost always fail to deliver.

And this shit is selling for $20.


For that kind of money, you’ll probably be able to buy Bum Simulator, which shows infinitely more promise.

I’d get this over Destiny 2 any day.

Moreover, the based Poles responsible for the Witcher series are coming out with a cyberpunk game soon, for which I’m a lot more excited than anything coming out of a AAA American studio.