Burger King Encourages Customers to Get Fucked Up the Ass

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 31, 2019

Do you like your burger with a side of a man’s dick rammed straight up your asshole?

Well, Burger King has a new advertisement campaign aimed right at you.

With the #WhopperDiamond campaign, the German branch of the famous fast food chain is calling on their customer base to shove their penises up each other’s assholes – and it’s extremely popular with the goyim.

The advertisement, posted to Burger King Germany’s YouTube page, features a cocksucking Eastern European couple who moved to Germany so they could fuck each other in the ass in public – literally, ram their cocks into each other’s anuses – without fear of stigma.

Because freedom is not being able to publicly express your political beliefs. It is not being able to publicly question the veracity of alleged historical events. No. That isn’t freedom. That is hate speech.

What freedom truly is is being able to fuck another man up his ass in public.

It’s the only freedom goyim need.

Next time you’re at Burger King, tell them you want a large Coke, a Whopper and the black guy working there to fuck you up the ass.

“Do you want to make that anal a double anal, sir? It’s free.” 

Because he’ll do it.

It’s in the ad.