Burkina Faso: Gang of Local Darkies Abduct, Kill Canadian Geologist

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
January 20, 2019

Kirk Woodman.

The capital of Burkina Faso is literally called “Ouagadougou.”

Who, other than a Canadian, would think it is a good idea to work in a country with a city named after a baboon mating call?


A Canadian geologist kidnapped earlier this week in the West African nation of Burkina Faso has been killed, Canadian officials confirm.

Kirk Woodman was abducted by gunmen on Tuesday night from a mine exploration camp in the country’s northern region.

Canada’s Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland condemned those responsible “for this terrible crime”.

Mr Woodman was the second Canadian to go missing in Burkina Faso in recent weeks.

Ms Freeland said that Canada is working with the Burkina Faso government and other international partners “to pursue those responsible and bring them to justice. The government’s priority is the safety and security of Canadians”.

So far, little is known about the circumstances surrounding Mr Woodman’s kidnapping from the camp, located near the Niger border, by unidentified individuals and his death. No group has taken responsibility.

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  1. scuffy says:

    Yeah I’ll just egg head around somewhere where the local inhabitants regularly kill their OWN people. What could go wrong?

    What a fuckwit

  2. Most Canadians working abroad for multi-national corporate interests generally are protected
    from the locals by paid western mercs and local gangs who are given a stipend to refrain from
    assaulting or otherwise disrupting the workers on these projects. So there’s a big, important
    part of this story that’s not being told to the public.

    Meanwhile, a spokesman from Canada’s department of Foreign Affairs, issued an apology
    to the thugs who kidnapped and then murdered the Canadian in their land.

    "At this time we wish to express our sincerest apologies to the gunmen who recently abducted
    and slew a Canadian citizen. His presence in Burkina Faso no doubt offended the sensibilities
    of the native population, and his White skin obviously stirred the locals into a murderous frenzy,
    a situation that, we here in Canada freely accept and admit, could only find resolution in the butchering
    and subsequent ingestion of the Canadian involved."

    "As an expression of Canadian remorse and reconciliation, and as an offer of peace, we hereby
    have raised the amount of foreign aid we send to your country from $1 Billion USD to 3 Billion USD
    annually. Also, we are prepared to accept another 25,000 of your citizens as immigrants to Canada."

  3. Being in Africa without military backing is pants on head, bone through nose, retarded.

  4. G-Man says:

    Chink mossad getting proxy revenge on Canadians for Huawei chick…

  5. He was clearly aksing fo’ it… Canadian boomers and politicians are the stupidest of all fags…

  6. You’d have to be completely insane or have a death wish to want to set foot in an African or Middle Eastern nation!!! It"s bad enough that these subhumans are in our nations!!!

  7. This is exactly correct. It’s tempting to chalk this up to random nigger behavior, but a colossal security breakdown like this is suspicious.

    There is a lot of evil and corruption associated with mining operations in african shitholes, including illegal organ harvesting. For some reason, organs from healthy young black males are prized in the Deep State organ trafficking industry–i.e. exactly the kind of disposable people regularly employed in african mines. This poor bastard may have stumbled across something he shouldn’t have and was made to go away, permanently.

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