But Why Tho: Germans Design Beer-Fetching Robot

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 27, 2018

This isn’t really a very good robot.


The pain of rising from a comfortable couch to get a beer from the fridge is one we all know. Yet, as with a growing number of modern inconveniences, artificial intelligence may be coming to the rescue.

Footage posted online by Homer, a research group at Germany’s Institute of Computational Visualistics, shows a robot taking an order from one of the team before making the short journey to a fridge in a breakroom. The Tiago robot, built by Barcelona robotics firm PAL, was connected to an NVIDIA laptop as the team’s submission to a competition for AI developers.

Employing a winding mechanical arm, the robot opens the fridge door before identifying the technician’s chosen beer from a range available inside. After clumsily removing a can, and very nearly knocking another bottle off its shelf, it then closes the door and returns to the technician.

We don’t need beer robots.

We need sophisticated murder machines.

This beer robot is worse than that scene from RoboCop 2.

Anyway, this beer robot is just a junior project using really cheap new NVIDIA chips that are allowing people to design their own AI. Previously you used to have to have a whole bunch of super-expensive technology.

Boston Dynamics is doing top-tier shit.

The fact that people can do this crap at home now is going to kick-start the revolution. It is going to happen fast. You are going to live to see a world dominated by robots, where they are doing basically every manual labor job. And of course, more intelligent algorithms will be removing a lot of white collar jobs at the same time.

And that, my friends, is why Germany needs like, at least 20 million more gang-raping terrorists to pay the pensions of old Germans – because robots are going to be like, really smart, and form unions, and plus they won’t even pay taxes at all because if you put them in prison for tax evasion they will just switch themselves off and wait out the sentence.

So bring on the diverse vibrants.