California Opens Up Legal Marijuana Stores

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 2, 2018

This picture is the most degenerate thing I’ve seen this year.

Great to see California poisoning itself.

LA Times:

Legal sale of recreational marijuana began in California on Monday with fanfare, celebratory ‘blunts’ and some anxiety.

Companies began selling pot in a relatively small number of businesses Monday, with more expected to join in the coming days and weeks.

The state has issued dozens of permits for retailers to begin recreational sales this week, expanding a market that is expected to grow to $7 billion annually by 2020. Several of those retailers are in West Hollywood, but they won’t open until Tuesday at the city’s request. That makes Santa Ana’s licensed stores the closest option for Angelenos who want to buy recreational marijuana on New Year’s Day. Buyers could also trek to San Diego or the Palm Springs area to purchase pot.

To sell cannabis commercially in January — for recreational or medical use — marijuana businesses must have local approval and a state license. Existing medical marijuana dispensaries have been given first priority for recreational sales.

The city of Los Angeles has yet to start issuing local licenses to pot shops, which stirred unease among some existing medical marijuana dispensaries that have been following city rules.

Hundreds of customers — everyone from older people in leisure suits to a young man in pajamas got in line — waited upwards of an hour to buy such things as pre-rolled joints to topical creams and foods infused with marijuana.

Urbn Leaf, which operates stores in Bay Park and Golden Hill, rented a 40-foot bus to bring customers in from a bar in Pacific Beach. The company also had 31 drivers making deliveries in San Diego, which is currently the only part of the county where recreational cannabis can be sold.

“We can deliver marijuana in 20 minutes; it’s like pizza,” said Will Senn, co-founder of Urbn Leaf.

He surveyed the line outside of his Bay Park store and said, “This is crazy. We hoped for big crowds, and prepared. But we didn’t expect this.”

Of course, we can laugh at California, but the reality is that this is coming to where you live too.

The statistics show very clearly that despite libertarian arguments (which communist Jews will selectively use), drug legalization increases use. This experiment has been tried in Portugal, where everyone is now on hard drugs.

We need to ask what the hell is going on in our society that this number of people need to medicate themselves with various mind-altering substances in order to cope with reality – and that even those who don’t do that are accepting that others can and should do so.