California: Three Negroes Charged with Murder of Retired White Doctor

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
October 1, 2018

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CBS Sacramento:

Authorities say an arrest has been made in the murder of Lodi doctor Thomas Shock.

Lodi police say Robert Elmo Lee, a 79-year-old Lodi resident, Christopher Anthony Costello, 26, and Mallory Stewart, 27, and Raymond Jacquette, 26, have been arrested in connection to the case.

Lee and Costello are facing charges of murder, conspiracy to commit murder and soliciting to commit murder. The two were arrested on Tuesday.

Stewart, who was arrested late Wednesday morning, is facing charges of murder and conspiracy to commit murder. Both Costello and Stewart are Sacramento residents.

Jacquette was arrested Wednesday night by Lodi police, with assistance from the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department. He was booked into jail on charges of murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

No other details about the investigation, including what led up to Shock’s death, have been released by detectives at this point.

“A lot of people were vested in this investigation. They wanted to be closure, and especially for the family. Any time we have these types of cases is the family that needs that closure,” said Sgt. Ricardo Garcia, Lodi Police Department.

Shock was found gunned down in his Lodi home in early August. He was a retired podiatrist who neighbors described as a pillar of the community.

“We did receive a few tips a lot of anonymous tips and it was just following up the clues that were left behind, just great detective work on behalf of our detectives,” he said.

Shock lived in an upscale neighborhood. He was the father of three grown children, five grandchildren and one on the way.

Thomas Shock.