Calling All Shitlords: Defend an American Hero

Daily Stormer

September 24, 2016


I don’t pay much attention to sportsball, as it’s been a long time since athletics was a good source of role models and American heroism. In my childhood I was disappointed to see a most treacherous club of rapists and petty thugs in the clubs I was supposed to idolize and turned to the warm glow of the vidya instead, but today something happened that convinced me that the fields are not entirely devoid of emotional merit. Baseball has given us a shitlord hero, and he’s been attacked by the world for boldly stating the truth.

Two days ago Steve Clevenger, a catcher for the Seattle Mariners, made a couple tweets that any decent red blooded American could not possibly bat an eye at.

steve clevenger tweet 1clevenger-tweet2

This is not controversial stuff. Black Lives Matter is a criminal terrorist organization that murders police officers, burns American cities to the ground, commits looting on an unfathomable scale, and hunts white people in the street to subject them to physical violence. Deriding and mocking these google terrorists is behavior fitting of a role model for children. This guy should be held up singly as an example of integrity in a sport infested with scum and villainy. Instead, this happened:

Instead of praising this man’s intellectual honesty and bravery, they have stolen a five figure sum of joy from his wife and children. They have taken food off of a good white man’s table.

This hits close to home for me. Tons of amazing people in the tech field were driven out of their jobs because of these fucking commie liberal faggot skypes that seem to think that no white man anywhere should ever be able to speak his mind. Probably the most important living computer scientist is Brendan Eich, who invented the JavaScript programming language which is being used to render this very website as well as each and every other one that you visit. He was forced out of his executive position in Mozilla, the organization he founded, for daring to make a measly two fucking grand donation to an organization that opposed fag marriage. Pax Dickinson was run out of his job as CTO of Business Insider for some innocuous tweets making fun of talentless feminists in the technology industry. Dozens of prominent computer scientists have thanked me for what I do in careful quick whispers in parties, afraid that they’ll lose their career if anyone knows that they even appreciate the sacrifices I’ve made.

None of these people, however, will ever have the opportunity of a public groundswell of support for their freedoms. No scientist or engineer, no matter how prominent, will ever become a symbol of personal liberty to the proletariat. A star athlete, however, just might. All I know is that if we don’t want this world to choke us to death in a fog of Marxist dialectic materialism, that if we don’t want our incomes to be dependent upon our silence, we have to draw a line in the sand somewhere. It’s our duty as white Americans to stand up for a fellow soldier under ZOG’s attack.

new retro wave


The Mariners have two Twitter accounts. Give them some strong words about suspending a good man for insulting a terror organization: @Mariners and @MarinersPR. They’re on Facebook as well.

Secondly, I’m sure Steve has got a lot of flak from googles and skypes lately. Send him some kind praise and thank him for speaking truth to power: @Clev_45.


The executives of the baseball club are busier people than social media managers and I’m betting it’s far more effective to contact these people directly. Try to sound the smartest that you can when interacting with these people. It’s fine to be absolutely furious, but it’s not good to spew vulgarities at them. Phone calls are probably the highest impact here but email too. Let them know that if they know what’s good for them they’ll be apologizing and restoring Steve’s pay.

Bob Aylward — Executive Vice President, Business Operations +1.206.346.4476
Joe Chard — Vice President, Community Relations +1.206.346.4551
David Curry — Vice President of IT +1.206.346.4031
Tim Kornegay — Vice President Finance
Teresa Duggar — Executive Assistant to CEO

If you’re in the Seattle area, it might be a good idea to round up some good lads and pay a visit to the baseball club offices at 1250 1st Ave S. Contact local right-wing media personalities, politicians, and religious leaders and encourage them to speak out against this injustice.

We can no longer stand silent while good white men lose their incomes and futures to the Jew mob.