Calling All Stormer Book Clubs! Time for the Next Step!

Daily Stormer
January 28, 2018

By now everyone is aware of the Stormer Book Clubs, and some of you have already begun starting SBCs in your own areas. This is great, but many of you have asked “what is the next step?”

The next step is here. But before we get to that, let’s talk a bit about what a Stormer Book Club is, and what it is not.

Stormer Book Clubs are the brainchild of the publisher of this site, Andrew Anglin. The idea is to have chapters in each major metropolitan and rural area, each run autonomously, with no central organization, but that follow certain rules and guidelines and operate in specific ways.

Stormer Book Clubs are an IRL activist club and a place for fellowship among like-minded young men. As such, Stormer Book Clubs DO NOT BREAK THE LAW IN ANY WAY, EVER. That includes members using drugs (and yes, drugs means marijuana). If you even have a question as to the legality of something, that probably means you do not do it.

Stormer Book Clubs are not a militia, they are not a neo-Nazi gang, they are not a Southern Heritage organization or a secession or separatist group. They are not a political party.

We are not trying to form a subculture where we go out looking scary and acting like Nazis because it’s fun to scare normies. We want to look like real Americans, and present ourselves to normies in a manner that will win over as many of them as possible to our way of thinking. That doesn’t mean they’re not going to look cool and tough. They are.

Stormer Book Clubs are American Nationalist in nature and ideology. If you have any questions about what American Nationalism means according to Daily Stormer, read Ben Garland’s excellent article on the topic.

Now, for that next step.

I’ve been working with the DFW Stormer Book Club for nearly a year. These guys are well organized, have a tight knit group, and work together well. They are very much a band of brothers. Members of the DFW SBC have attended Richard Spencer’s speech at Texas A&M, have accompanied me twice to Houston, once for the Sam Houston Statue Blitzkrieg, once for the Antifa Book fair BTFO, and went to Charlottesville with me for the Unite the Right rally.

These are TOP MEN.

We have been working things out, beta testing if you will, and we have a little training program. It’s nothing too complex or rigid. We have a broad set of rules, some guidelines, a program to help you with outreach, social media presence, vetting new members, and getting your club running with meetings and such. There is also a uniform. The format is informal, there are no classes per se, you just come see how we do things.

We have a private platform where we are bringing in representatives of existing groups, or people who live in an area where no group exists and want to start one. What we’re looking at now is having people on that platform for two weeks to a month, so that everyone is on the same page and all the groups are operating within this template, then the group goes on its merry way and operates on it’s own, without supervision from anyone.

We also have another online platform almost ready for these groups to congregate in and socialize. Everything will be set up for you, and we’ll be recruiting mods and such from the SBCs. As everyone on that platform has been vetted before going into the training program, it will be secure and everyone can be comfortable there.

I need to mention at this time, DO NOT USE REAL NAMES, EVER. Whatever username you have should be all anyone knows you by. If you don’t want to be called whatever your username is, think up one you’re comfortable with. This rule applies both IRL and online, and is non-negotiable.

I need to talk a bit about what to expect from us and what’s expected of you. During the training period, you need to be a sponge, absorbing everything you can from these guys who’ve been doing this. If you have legitimate questions or concerns, we are willing to discuss that all day, but we’re not here for flame wars or people who just don’t want to go along with the program. We simply don’t have time for all that, and it’s bad for morale.

The main reason people want to join any particular one is because it is associated with Daily Stormer, and thus, even though the Daily Stormer is not playing a role in managing these groups, SBCs de facto represent Daily Stormer. That being the case, if you’re gonna run or be a member of an SBC, you have to do things the SBC way, and it’s really not that hard, nor is anything onerous about it. It’s not a control freak thing where we micromanage your life. We don’t even get involved with the workings of your chapter. We’re always here to give advice if necessary, but no one will be looking over your shoulder, giving you orders.

What we’re after here is Stormer Book Clubs all over the USA, with a uniform look, a uniform message, and an understanding of how to operate in a positive and winning manner, in accordance with the ideals expressed on the Daily Stormer. That’s what this “training” is all about. “Orientation” would probably be a better way to describe it, but training sounds fashier so we’re sticking with that.

Now, having said all this, if you are someone claiming to be a Stormer Book Club who doesn’t want to abide by our guidelines, but you think you’re just gonna be an SBC and do things your own way, what will happen is this. Your thread on the BBS will be deleted and you will no longer be a Stormer Book Club. It’s just that simple.

So let’s get the ball rolling! The next step for current Stormer Book Clubs or anyone wanting to form one where one does not yet exist is to contact DFW Stormers. You can either message them on Gab, or email them at

Check the Book Club section of the BBS to see if there’s a club near you before volunteering to start one. If you post in a thread and no one gets back to you, go ahead and contact these guys.

DFW Stormers already have weekly meetings, online and IRL, monthly barbecues, and do all kinds of neat stuff. As the clubs grow you’re gonna find that your chapter has become a central part of your life, that you enjoy, and you’ll always be looking forward to the next time you get to hang with your bros.

And you’ll be doing your part to secure the existence of your people and a future for White children!