Cambodia is BASED and Should Get More Props

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 28, 2018

Hun Sen

We love Duterte, because he is flamboyant and he is doing something new in a country that had been a proxy state for the US.

We love Daw Suu because she removes kebab.

But there are other great Asian heroes of freedom who also deserve support. One such is Cambodia’s Hun Sen.

He might not be as charismatic and fun as Duterte, but he gives just as few fucks. And he’s been holding it down for a long time.

Continual US attempted coups have been thwarted by Sen since he took over in 1985. And he figured out how to take the best parts of Pol Potism and make them work in a way that made society a little bit more than every person working in a field and eating rice soup.

Pretty much every communist revolution

The presumably Hebrew female Hannah Ellis-Petersen (@HannahEP) has a hilarious article out telling the stupid goyim just how bad it is that the stupid gooks don’t want Friedumb and Jewmocracy.

I don’t know if she’s Jewish or not, but she’s written glowingly fake nonsense about Israel and also this. And total Jew face. Whatever – some stupid bitch that thinks she has a right to tell gooks how to run their lives.

But that’s what globo-homo-multiculturalism is all about, isn’t it? Forcing everyone to do exactly what the ruling class wants them to do, while pretending it is somehow for their own good.

The Guardian:

Cambodian prime minister Hun Sen has become a “fully fledged military dictator” according to Human Rights Watch in a report released on Thursday investigating the extent of his personal control over the military and the police.

Just in case you’re new here: HRW is a Jewish organization, run by the Jew Kenneth Roth.

Roth took over from the co-founding “Holocaust survivor” Jew Aryeh Neier in 1993 when Neier took a position as the head Jew George Soros’ Jewish Open Society Institute.

Note: The HRW co-founder, the Jew Robert L. Bernstein, has since criticized the organization for being biased against Israel, simply for infrequently mentioning it when the IDF bombs hospitals and and shoot babies and so on.

In actual reality, HRW virtually never reports on Israel, and they are often criticized for that. They have to at least say something when the Jews do the really horrible shit that gets in major media, or they would be exposed as the joke they are.

It is staffed virtually entirely by Jews and white women, it doesn’t even pretend to be impartial, making outrageous moral judgements which can only be characterized as religious in nature as well as simply making things up constantly, and yet it is continually cited by the media as some kind of authority on everything that happens in every country on the planet.

The new report, Cambodia’s Dirty Dozen, names the 12 military personnel who have been the “backbone” of Hun Sen’s “abusive and authoritarian political regime,” which he has led since 1985. According to the report, Hun Sen has “remained in power by creating a cadre of ruthless members of the security forces to implement his vision and orders”.

It’s just idiot lies.

I’ve lived in Cambodia.

It is probably the single freest country in the world. Businesses are free from aggressive regulation, you can do pretty much whatever you want, they even have a lenient drug policy (marijuana is effectively legal if you do it in private – not that I support smoking it, but I’m just saying the “brutal authoritarianism” stuff is a gibberish fantasy sold to people who will never visit the country).

Peasant farmers are not taxed to hell and are allowed to actually OWN their property (“property tax,” as libertarians have all too thoroughly explained, means that you do not actually own your property).

You do not get hassled over stupid shit like driving licenses, there is no law that alcohol has to stop being sold at a certain time like in the brutally oppressive west as long as the establishment selling it is operating within a district where they aren’t going to create noisy distraction for the rest of the people.

They enforce sexual morality, as some unfortunate Western tourists recently found out. They do this at the will of the people, because it is a religious country that wants to be free from a bunch of degenerate crap everywhere in their society. That said, prostitution is allowed (freedom) though regulated and relegated to certain parts of cities.

Yes, people plotting to overthrow the government on behalf of the United States disappear quietly in the night – and this is what the people want.

While Hun Sen while has always been notorious for his autocratic rule – his official title is princely exalted supreme great commander of gloriously victorious troops – and his use of force against anyone who defied him, his crackdown on the opposition, the media and civil society has escalated in the past year in the build up to elections in July.


Barron Trump: Princely Exalted Supreme Great Commander of Gloriously Victorious Troops.

But he will allow us to call him: Muad’Dib.

“Hun Sen really has become a fully-fledged military dictator, a fact that he hopes to hide behind the fig-leaf of a national election in July that will be neither free nor fair,” said Phil Roberton, deputy director of Human Rights Asia.

These people babble on about elections, but then when they don’t like the outcome they just say they’re fake.

Remember when Trump said that if he lost, he was going to question the legitimacy of the election and everyone freaked the fuck out and said “OH MY GOD NO ONE CAN EVER QUESTION THE LEGITIMACY OF AN ELECTION EVARRRRRR!!!!11111”

Oh but then…

“Democracy” is childlike nonsense.

Elections are “free and fair” when Jews like the outcome. When Jews do not like the outcome, they are the opposite.

This is not a measure by which to measure the freedom or lack thereof of a nation, as it has no objective definition. In order to measure something, you need some objective value with which to measure it by. This is basic math.

Last year Hun Sen dissolved the opposition party, the CNRP, shut down the Cambodia Daily newspaper, Radio Free Asia and dozens of local radio stations. Journalists, opposition politicians and civil society leaders are now in jail and an atmosphere of fear and self-censorship has gripped the country.

Yeah so you can believe that story told by the Western Jew controlled media.

Or you can believe the much more probable version of events as told by the Cambodian media.

That’s your call.

But for me, when a country that the US has continually tried to overthrow presents documentary evidence that an opposition party leader was being directly funded by the United States to stage a coup, and the Jews say “nuh uh,” I’m much more inclined to believe the former.

Hun Sen was able to carry out the brutal crackdown in less than six months without any backlash, because of his control over 12 senior military and police commanders and their subordinates. Twelve different institutions, from the supreme court, to local courts and government ministries, were used to implement the crackdown.

Crackdown on who?

A coalition of journalists, NGOs and spies attempting to overthrow the government?

This guy has like, 97% support of the people – why would he need to “crackdown” on “democracy”?

With no legitimate opposition, Hun Sen’s victory in the elections is now seen as a foregone conclusion.

“What this report reveals is the deep military roots that characterise Hun Sen’s rule,” said Roberton. “At each step of the way in his years in power, Hun Sen has sought to centralise control over the military and police under his direct command, aided by this group of dangerous men.”

Many of this group of 12 – which includes General Pol Saroeun, supreme commander of the royal Cambodian armed forces and General Neth Savoeun, supreme commander of the Cambodian national police – served in the Khmer Rouge military with Hun Sen, the Communist regime which saw the execution, starvation, and disease of an estimated 1.2 to 2.8 million Cambodians (between 13 and 30% of the population) between 1975 and 1979.

Yeah I mean, that’s a pretty low blow.

The current government is a REFORMIST government. It’s like blaming Xi for people who starved under Mao. We now know that pure communism doesn’t work, no one tries it anymore or wants to (other than American university students) – but the fact that the reformists came from the old regime being a negative mark for the reformists is just weasel nonsense.

The Human Rights Watch report lays out how most of these men have been “implicated in the use of unnecessary, excessive, and sometimes lethal force against protesters” and have been involved in “non-political abuses against the ordinary population, such as land-takings, murder, torture, and arbitrary detention.”

Now see.

I’m not going to say none of that ever happened.

But what were the circumstances?

And if people are trying to tear down the core fabric of a society by cooperating with foreign powers and everyone knows it, why do they deserve “human rights”?

And does it not happen everywhere?

Do you know that there is an 87-year-old grandma in prison in Germany for disagreeing with history books?

But here’s the best part.

Our guy dgaf about any of this Jew gibberish.

The Trump administration in the US are also no longer holding the regimes in Cambodia and Vietnam to account over human rights abuses, as happened under President Obama.

“To put it simply, this American administration don’t care about human rights and democracy in southeast Asia and that gave a pretext for Hun Sen’s crackdown,” said Morgenbesser. “The game has changed now . He almost doesn’t need to feign legitimacy to the US administration anymore about this election being ‘democratic’ – no one there is paying attention anymore.

Translation: “Trump is horrible because he’s not actively trying to overthrow a popular government in one of the poorest countries in the world because they refuse to accept Jewish rule.”

It’s all a very interesting story.

It is just fascinating the way Jews have complete control of the Western media and are able to just peddle total fantasy by citing lying Jewish organization as arbiters of reality itself.

May the Princely Exalted Supreme Great Commander of Gloriously Victorious Troops reign for a thousand years, and may Cambodia remain forever free.