Cambodian Resort Workers Couldn’t Help Raping Two Aussie Girls

Hamish Patton
Daily Stormer
May 5, 2015

Sarith Sethy, 22, (right) and Kuoy Pov, 17, (left): No, they don't look particularly threatening.
Sarith Sethy, 22, (right) and Kuoy Pov, 17, (left): Whereas the Western media has a policy of protecting criminals, in Southeast Asia they get trotted out on TV and shamed.

Two scrawny gook male resort workers who forced their minuscule penises inside an Aussie sheila who was stupidly lying zonked out on a Cambodian beach have told police they did it because they “could not control themselves,” according to the Daily Mail.

The 22-year-old Aussie wench had been at a party, got irresponsibly juiced, and then had the lack of presence of mind to realize she was in a foreign country where rape is as natural to the local male population as taking a dump. She then lay down on the beach for a snooze, which was the safety equivalent of sneaking a nap in a lion enclosure.

Named by Cambodian media as Sarith Sethy, 22, and Kuoy Pov, 17, the pusillanimous pair of sex-starved terminal losers described how they saw this hot-as western woman lying there helpless and carried her off to their room at the resort where they bonked her like sterile rabbits for god knows how long. Initial media reports do not reveal how she came to realize she was being violated.

However, living and working at the club proved a plus for these rookie rapists, who probably have a few more victims that aren’t currently known about.

But it’s their argument that they “couldn’t control themselves” that is at once admittedly honest, and bespeaks their race as a whole, but at the same time is pathetically lame and unimaginative, which again bespeaks their race as a whole.

The port city of Sihanoukville, Cambodia receives an estimated 25,000 dingbat Aussie visitors each year, 90% of which drink themselves into an undignified stupor, such as the lass in question, and when not hurling in the alleyways are probably getting ripped off by the locals who drug their drinks and flog them parsley in place of pot. What’s more they are degenerating the White race through such behavior and not showing much of that Anglo phlegm that once made Whitey such a splendidly civilized species.

Drinking and partying in Asia is a super-fun time for young White women.  Until the rape arrives.
Drinking and partying in Asia is a super-fun time for young White women. Until the rape arrives.

Aware that rape charges have been brought against the two eunuch spider monkeys, a hopefully sober spokesman for the Australian Embassy told media, “We are aware of reports of the alleged rape of an Australian woman in Sihanoukville earlier this week and stand ready to provide consular assistance.”

Clearly, nobody could accuse him of being a gifted wordsmith, but his penchant for stating the bloody obvious patently serves him well in his position.

But ladies, this is where we come down to the question of personal responsibility. You’re in a land filled with desperate, backward males who couldn’t score a root with a bamboo stem – you get three sheets to the wind and pass out comatose in public away from any help or witnesses — and the rest of your life is ruined thereafter.

If you MUST go on foreign benders, then be aware that at all times some greasy monkey wants to drag you back to a seedy room with a ripped blind and a broken ceiling fan, and act out all of his internet porn fantasies. So either take suitable male company or learn Tai Kwon Do.

The onus is on you!