Canada: Police Officers Will be Allowed to be Stoned on Weed on the Job

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 22, 2018

Canada is in a race to overtake Sweden and the UK as TOP CUCK.

Stoned police will be a big up for that agenda.

Daily Hive:

Police departments across Canada are in the process of adding cannabis to their official policies surrounding alcohol and drug use by off-duty officers.

And while each police agency will have its own specific HR policy, Vancouver Police spokesperson Const. Jason Doucette told Daily Hive that VPD officers will receive online training through the Canadian Police Knowledge Network (CPKN).

It’s much the same story for RCMP officers across the country as well.

“The RCMP is finalizing its policy surrounding the use of cannabis by its employees,” said RCMP spokesperson Sgt. Tania Vaughan. “This policy will be established to maintain public safety and a safe workplace.”

Once finalized, she said, the policy will provide direction to employees and their supervisors surrounding work standards on the non-medicinal use of cannabis.

Vaughan told Daily Hive that all RCMP officers must be “fit for duty when reporting for work, which includes not being impaired by alcohol or any other type of drug.”

However, no time period between when an off-duty officer can use cannabis in relation to the start of their next shift attached to the policy.

“We don’t have a specific time limit on alcohol or prescription drug use and we will not be implementing one for cannabis,” said Doucette. “Our officers will be provided with information surrounding cannabis use and potency etc., and it will be their responsibility to ensure they show up fit for duty.”

So, you can go to work stoned.

As a cop.

In Canada.

You just have to wear sunglasses to cover-up your stoned-out eyes.

And they give you the sunglasses as part of the uniform.

Note: Canadian police may be much less attractive than artist’s rendition, and are probably niggers.