Canada: White ISIS Attempts Bombing

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 13, 2016


Islam: Can it cure autism?

I don’t hear it much anymore, but I used to hear a lot of people say “Islam isn’t a problem, it’s just their race.”

I have argued that making that distinction is dumb, given that Allah is simply a representation of their racial soul, in the same way that Yahweh is a representation of the Jewish racial soul. I have also pointed to the fact that Christian Arabs are clearly much better behaved than normal Arabs. And while Blacks are violent no matter what, Islamic Blacks are more likely to engage in organized violence.

Beyond this, the religion is a problem because White people can join it and behave like Arabs.

Obviously, most of these people – including this particular Canadian – appear to be autistic (see gallery at the bottom).

But still.


The man killed during a Canadian police raid at his home in Ontario on Wednesday was a supporter of Islamic State who was in the final stages of preparing an attack on a Canadian city with a homemade bomb, police said on Thursday.

Police went to the home of Aaron Driver in the small town of Strathroy after receiving credible information, including a “martyrdom video,” from U.S. authorities that he planned what could have been a “dreadful” attack, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) said at a news conference.

Driver died after he detonated an explosive device in the backseat of a taxi as police closed in and opened fire, the RCMP said in Ottawa. A representative from a local taxi company said a cab had been dispatched to Driver’s address at the time of the police raid and the taxi driver sustained minor injuries.

It was a race against time,” said RCMP Deputy Commissioner Mike Cabana, noting the outcome “could have been significantly more dreadful” if police had not intervened when they did.

The incident was the first security test for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who was elected last October and who in February fulfilled a campaign pledge to withdraw Canada from the combat mission against Islamic State and to increase its mission training local fighters against the group in northern Iraq.

The video provided by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation allowed the RCMP to identify Driver and go to his home in Strathroy, about 225 km (140 miles) southwest of Toronto. In Washington, the FBI said it gave the RCMP “actionable threat intelligence”.

In the video, a man in a black balaclava cites a phrase from the Koran, refers to crimes against Muslims and pledges an imminent attack on a Canadian city.


Here’s the video.

lol @ “filthy French.”

Maybe we’re overthinking this.

Maybe he joined ISIS just because he hated Quebecanos?

A big deal is being made of Canada needing the feds to tell them about this guy. But I don’t really think that is a big deal. For one thing, the US government is a lot bigger than the Canadian government, due in part to the fact that we have ten times the population. Also, the fed have infiltrated and/or run most of the online jihadi networks.

Here’s a gallery of the White ISIS fighters I’m aware of (not including Chechens and Albanians, some of whom may or may not be considered White). They all look like retards.