Catholic Schools to Blame for Belgian Jihad Attacks

Diversity Macht Frei
March 28, 2016


This is another rhetorical exercise in blaming the victims of Muslim jihad attacks for their own deaths and at the same time rewarding Muslims for those same jihad attacks by effecting the dismantling of non-Muslim culture.

In few countries of the EU is the gap between pupils with and without immigrant backgrounds as large as in Belgium. In few countries of the EU do people of immigrant origin find it so difficult to find a job. From no other country in the EU have so many fighters gone to Syria as Belgium. What is going on? Has no one noticed?

For more than ten years sociologists have been warning that the education of people of immigrant origin is not working well. In international tests, pupils of Belgian origin perform well or very well but there is a deep gulf gaping between them and young people of immigrant origin. 28% of them leave school without qualifications. At the age of 17, 68% of them have had to repeat at least one year at school (these figures apply for the French-speaking community). Nowhere else in Europe do so many youths have to repeat a school year. Nowhere else in Europe is the difference between “white” pupils and pupils of immigrants origin so large as in Belgium.

A current study from the King Baudouin Institute leaves no doubt about it: “Our education system is not able to bring pupils of immigrants origin to the same performance level as the other pupils.”

…While in Brussels or Antwerp the Catholic schools attract a disproportionately high number of white pupils, children of immigrant origin go mainly to state schools. I spoke about this with the Brussels university professor Dirk Jacobs, he says: “The school agreement of 1958 has become an excuse for segregation in teaching today. Although many schools fulfil their responsibility, children of immigrant origin are underrepresented in the Catholic education system.”


Of course the entire article is based on the core dogma of the Equality Cult, namely that people are all the same. That the disparities in educational attainment or employment levels could be the result of genuine genetic differences between Belgians and Muslims of immigrant origin is, of course, excluded a priori. That would be heresy. And the obvious question is never raised: if immigrants and their descendants perform so poorly according to every social metric, why are we letting them in?

Most Muslim immigrants are of Moroccan origin. Moroccans prove particularly problematical in every country they surface in. The reason for this becomes obvious if you take a glance at Moroccan history. Historically, Morocco is little more than a giant pirate base and its accompanying hinterland. From ports like Salé and Rabat, Muslim pirates literally preyed on the coasts of Europe for centuries, taking hundreds of thousand of Europeans as slaves. They operated much like the modern Islamic State. And like IS, it attracted the absolute dregs of the earth to participate in its plundering operations, including some European converts, who “turned Turk” in the parlance of the day.

So Morocco does not have the genetic balance of a normal population, any more than a prison or an insane asylum does. Its “inmates” have been preselected for having certain qualities, mostly problematical ones. It is a cesspit of humanity and its inhabitants cannot but defile any country they come to reside in.