CDC Reports Birth Rate Collapse in US… Just as Planned!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 16, 2019

The good news just keeps piling in.


The U.S. birthrate fell again in 2018, to 3,788,235 births — representing a 2% drop from 2017. It’s the lowest number of births in 32 years, according to a new federal report. The numbers also sank the U.S. fertility rate to a record low.

Not since 1986 has the U.S. seen so few babies born. And it’s an ongoing slump: 2018 was the fourth consecutive year of birth declines, according to the provisional birthrate report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

So much for the Trump baby boom that was predicted.

It was a nice idea.

Birthrates fell for nearly all racial and age groups, with only slight gains for women in their late 30s and early 40s, the CDC says.

Women in their early 40s having more kids?

Potatoes inbound.

This is what happens when women are not educated about the one thing they should be educated about: the practical use of their vaginas.

The news has come as something of a surprise to demographers who say that with the U.S. economy and job market continuing a years-long growth streak, they had expected the birthrate to show signs of stabilizing, or even rising.

But instead, the drop could force changes to forecasts about how the country will look — with an older population and fewer young workers to sustain key social systems.

“It’s a national problem,” says Dowell Myers, a demographer at the University of Southern California.

“The birthrate is a barometer of despair,” Myers says in response to the CDC data. Explaining that idea, he says young people won’t make plans to have babies unless they’re optimistic about the future.

“At first, we thought it was the recession,” Myers says of the recent downturn in births. But after a slight rise in 2012, the rate took another nosedive. He adds that by nearly all economic standards — except for high housing costs — birthrates should now be rising.

That’s a pretty big exception.

A lot of this is correlated with the fact that there is no such thing as a “starter home” anymore.

There are the Boomer McMansions priced two hours out of the city and then there’s affordable hipster pod living in the ghetto.

Make your choice, because the immigrants have gobbled up all the starter homes and the starter neighborhoods, and there’s no comfy middle-class lifestyle left – only hideouts for the super rich and hangouts for the super fashionable.

Furthermore, with more and more wealth concentrated in cities, more and more young yuppies are living six-to-a-house in the gentrifying part of town to save costs and can’t afford to start a family. They can’t even bang a broad because they don’t have privacy, and anyway 30% of women are morbidly obese in America and deliberately make themselves uglier to spite men.

Furthermore, there are no good public schools in the city because of N-words, and private schools are out of reach except for the people with trust funds – so nowhere to send the kids. Add to that the fact that unless they’re willing to downscale their standard of life, most young families need the mother to be working to make ends meet. Seeing as most Millennials weren’t even taught how to cook, that means they won’t start saving money by skipping the Chipotle lunch with coworkers.

Down-scaling or down-shifting or whatever fashionable term you want to use for “coming to terms with lower living standards and poverty” is going to become a necessity for the younger generations.

As always, though, the obstacle is women. 

Many a marriage has been broken because of a temporary setback in a man’s career that requires living more modestly for a brief period of time.

Women used to be able to at least stick with their man while he was on the steady march upwards. But now they want it all and they want it now and they won’t accept less – not when their peers are on Instagram showing off the latest beach vacation that their sugar daddy Arab sheik paid for.

So we’re looking at a perfect storm of factors here.

Unless something is done to improve living conditions in some big way, we’re going to see a serious fertility collapse in the next decade.

And as usual, Boomers, migrants, skanks and Jews are all to blame for this.

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