Central Casting 40 Thieves Character Lashes Out at Trump with Idiot Lies

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 6, 2018

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So Saudi wants to play a game with Trump?


Very good.

These comments from Prince Salmon come a few days after Trump said the country wouldn’t last two weeks without US support.

And also after it was reported (by “sources” – so who knows if it’s accurate) that the Crown Prince was “straight out of central casting.”

If he was smart, he’d keep his mouth shut and say nothing at all in response to Trump.

But, you know…

Saudis are literally as dumb as niggers.

I like where this is going.


Known in the West by his initials MBS, the crown prince may, as he said, ‘love’ working with the US and Trump but, when it comes to thinking of examples of successful managers of social change, he is decidedly ‘America last.’ Any drastic financial, political and legal reforms come with a hefty price tag, he emphasized, drawing parallels with the history of the United States.

“…if you look at the United States of America, when for example they wanted to free the slaves. What was the price? Civil war. It divided America for a few years. Thousands, tens of thousands of people died to win freedom for the slaves,” Bin Salman told Bloomberg, in a wide-ranging interview published Friday.

“Here we are trying to get rid of extremism and terrorism without civil war, without stopping the country from growing, with continuous progress in all elements,” the crown prince added. “So if there is a small price in that area, it’s better than paying a big debt to do that move.”

It’s cartoonish to even have to point this out, but Saudi Arabia exports its civil wars to neighboring countries. They fund terrorist groups in every single Islamic country.

Trump could, of course, say that publicly.

Bin Salman brushed off US President Donald Trump’s somewhat humiliating comments about Saudi Arabia perishing within two weeks without American support, saying that his kingdom existed decades before the US and will need “something like around 2,000 years to maybe face some dangers.”

Actually, we will pay nothing for our security,” the prince firmly stated, explaining that since Trump’s statements were clearly addressed to a domestic audience he did not find them offensive.

“We believe that all the armaments we have from the United States of America are paid for, it’s not free armament,” he reiterated. Explaining that, after Trump became US president, Saudi Arabia has already agreed to procure nearly 60 percent of its arms from Washington, he emphasized that Riyadh owes nothing extra because it always pays for weapons supplies in cash.

Yeah, well, previous governments gave you a whole helluva lot for free, and no, you wouldn’t even exist without the backing of America and Israel. You are a fake, puppet government, funded by the West to keep an oil supply running and to be a balancing power against the Shiites.

You are not a real country.

Two weeks is significantly longer than you’d last if the US stopped supporting you.

I so hope that Trump takes this asshole’s attacks seriously. And personally.

I would so love to see a complete fallout between the US and Saudi Arabia.

As I have said repeatedly, Trump has to be friends with Israel, because he is a populist and the population that supports him is a large part Evangelical/Christian Zionist.

But remember: these people are really, really fucking stupid. The average Evangelical in America has an IQ similar to that of the average Saudi. Meaning that they have no idea about the closeness of the relationship between Israel and Saudi Arabia.

So in theory, the entirety of Christian Zionism could be undermined by increasing tensions with Saudi Arabia. This would presumably force Jewish shill televangelists who run the Zionist Christian racket to come out and defend Saudi Arabia, this brutal Islamic regime. Which would create a whole lot of cognitive dissonance in the minds of Christian Zionists, who again, already have a very hard time understanding simple things.

To be clear, I don’t picture threats of war or any other kind of direct aggression against Saudi coming from Trump, but it could be that Salman is stupid enough to give Trump room to demonize him for the purpose of forcing the lowering of oil prices and just generally beginning to cut off this bizarre relationship we have with the entire Middle East.