Chad Lindsey to Jew Rape Hoax Heckler: “Call the Cops”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 28, 2018

The age of the rape hoaxer has ended.

So too has the age of Lindsey Graham sucking cock. Or at least the age of him sucking John McCain’s cock (I assume he still sucks other cocks, but we’re trying to get him into conversion therapy).

Jewish Daily Forward:

When an activist attending the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings into allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh approached Sen. Lindsey Graham with her own story of sexual assault during a recess, he reportedly waved her off.

“Senator Graham, I was raped 13 years ago,” Robyn Swerling told Graham, according to CNN.

“I’m so sorry,” Graham replied.

“I don’t remember the exact date, but do you believe me?” Swerling asked.

“You needed to go to the cops. Go to the cops.” Graham said.









Look at this stupid lying Jew whore’s whiny tweets.

Here’s an old classic from the rat cunt with the hooked clit.

She should have known not to try that shit with Graham Master Slam.

Bitch, we don’t play that.

We don’t play that.

We don’t fuck around.

Word is, Lindsey Graham is about to drop a dis track about lying sluts (including Jews) with Gucci and Rick Ross.

This is gonna be like some shit you won’t even be able to begin to comprehend.

When Lindsey rolls hard with Gucci, you better watch your back, these motherfuckers might just shoot up your whole block and when your body is filled with shells and you’re crawling on the ground saying “Lindsey, you just shot up my block,” he’ll just be like: “call the cops.”

Rape hoaxing is like the New Holocaust. And just like the more these filthy fucking kikes lie about their stupid gas chamber hoax, the more people want to see them shoved in gas chambers for real, the more these stupid whores lie about rape, the more people want to see them lying in an alley bleeding.

My advice to all my enemies: keep fucking pushing.

See what happens.