Charlottesville: Political Prisoner James Fields Heads to Monkey Trial Over Car Accident Murder Hoax

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 24, 2018

So 15 months later, a guy who crashed his car accidentally while being chased by men with guns and bats is finally going to trial for the high-crime of causing a morbidly obese woman to have a heart-attack because of a commotion.

When the Founding Fathers guaranteed us a “right to a speedy trial,” that generally meant “we’ll start interviewing jurors next Monday.”

Honestly, I’m a little bit surprised it’s happening this soon. I don’t think they’re going to convict him of murder – that is totally insane. If you set a precedent that you can murder someone by creating a commotion, then you could start charging musicians and people who cause emotional stress as murderers.

That’s a terrible, terrible idea.

But people are going to be really mad if he isn’t convicted of murder, after they’ve been whipped up into a deranged frenzy by the media for over a year.

Washington Post:

Fifteen months after an angry demonstration by white supremacists in Charlottesville erupted in deadly mayhem, a self-professed neo-Nazi is set to go on trial Monday, charged with killing a counterprotester and injuring 35 others by intentionally ramming his car into another vehicle on a crowded street.

The alleged act of automotive rage by James Alex Fields Jr. on Aug. 12, 2017 — which climaxed a day of violent clashes involving hundreds of white supremacists and their opponents — helped make “Charlottesville” a shorthand term for the emergence of emboldened ethno-fascists in the era of President Trump.

Now Fields, 21, charged with first-degree murder and other crimes, is due to face a jury in Charlottesville Circuit Court as prosecutors, using video evidence from the 2017 “Unite the Right” rally, revive memories of racist and anti-Semitic hate spewed on the streets of the small city that is home to Thomas Jefferson’s University of Virginia.

The counterprotester who was killed, Heather D. Heyer, 32, worked for a local law firm and was remembered by friends as a committed advocate of social justice. Fields, who drove to the rally from his apartment in Maumee, Ohio, near Toledo, was described by acquaintances as being deeply fascinated by Nazi Germany, often espousing admiration for the militarism and racial-purity dogma of the Third Reich.

With tight security and an expected heavy police presence outside the red-brick courthouse on High Street, jury selection is scheduled to begin Monday morning and could last until midweek, followed by opening statements and the start of testimony Wednesday or Thursday. Judge Richard E. Moore has set aside 14 weekdays, until Dec. 13, for the entire proceeding.

Fields has been held in the Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail, awaiting trial.

Three months ago, Moore declined to grant a change of trial venue for Fields, despite a defense attorney’s argument that empaneling an impartial jury of Charlottesville residents would be virtually impossible. The events of Aug. 12, 2017, publicized worldwide, forged a lasting impression on the community psyche, said lawyer Denise Lunsford. She showed the judge reams of news stories about her client, who has pleaded not guilty.

Besides first-degree murder, punishable by 20 years to life in state prison, Fields is charged with eight counts of aggravated malicious wounding, meaning that at least eight of the 35 injured victims were grievously hurt.

Separately, Fields has been charged by the Justice Department with an array of federal hate crimes related to the incident, including one offense that carries a possible death sentence. A trial date has not been set in that case, and the Justice Department has yet to announce whether it will seek capital punishment for Fields if he is convicted.

I don’t really have any predictions about this.

As the attorney says, having it in Charlottesville is insane. This city has become defined by this crash, and for over a year, the media has outright stated that it was a murder and was terroristic hatred. You notice WaPo is now using “alleged,” because we’re now at the point that they don’t want people remembering that they were just declaring it as fact.

I guess he’s probably going to go through the appeals process, unless video exists that just makes it completely impossible to convict him of anything other than possibly involuntary manslaughter. Even that would be extreme, because the car didn’t actually hit Heather Heyer – she was knocked down by someone who was either bumped by the car or fell over trying to avoid the car (the video is not all totally clear, but it is clear that she wasn’t ever directly touched by James Fields’ car).

Her mother said publicly that she died of a heart attack, though the media has attempted to cover this up by saying there was “blunt force trauma” – that would have been caused by a body her size hitting the ground.

Of course, the actual autopsy will have to be released to the court.

We have video of his car being attacked with a bat immediately before he sped up.

And a public admission by a man who pointed a rifle at him in the immediate moments leading up to the crash.

They were chasing and attacking cars with bats all through the city before the crash.

So the obvious reality of the situation is that the guy panicked and hit the gas – the same thing that recently killed a person in France during these weird fuel protests.

The news all just called it accidental in that case, which was literally the exact same situation.

It was a 71-year-old protester killed in France, so like Heather Heyer, that person would have not been in peak physical condition.

Heather Heyer was a real big girl, let’s recall.

Despite the photos they show us…

…and the memes honoring her…

…and the murals they paint of her…

…this is what she looked like when they were trying to revive her:

She really could have gone at any time.

Even by American standards, that is a massive body. That’s well over the 300 lbs (135 kg) mark. Eating to the point of being that size is effectively a form of suicide. She could have died at any time, just walking around in that August heat. She might even have had a heart attack at the exact same time if the car crash hadn’t happened.

It might just have been a weird coincidence.

James Fields Literally Did Nothing Wrong

There was no intent, so murder is a retarded charge. And there are extenuating circumstances which make vehicular manslaughter or involuntary manslaughter a difficult charge.

For manslaughter, there has to be some kind of negligence, and I just don’t think that when you’ve got people pointing guns at you, you can be expected to drive safely. Such an expectation is beyond what is reasonable.

But obviously, the fact that there are these insane murder charges and all of the federal charges at all proves that this is just a political lynching, which has nothing to do with the pursuit of justice.

So who the hell knows.

I feel terrible for the poor guy.

Even if he gets off, he doesn’t have an easy life ahead of him.

It’s safe to say this whole ordeal will get him more pussy than that Charger did tho. And that’s saying something. Small consolation. 

I wish we lived in a world where I could encourage you guys to go to the trial and show support for him. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a world anything close to that. We live in the opposite of that world, where I am going to encourage none of you to go anywhere near any of this.

It’s sad. But that’s where we are.

Some of you people still don’t get it: we are as much political dissidents being persecuted by a corrupt authoritarian government as any other such dissidents. In fact, we have less freedom than Chinese Christians or whichever group. Chinese Christians aren’t charged with crimes for being attacked on the street.

As I’ve said before, if you live in a so-called dictatorship, there are clear rules and you can clearly understand when you are in violation of these rules. In America in 2018, the government has completely stopped following the rules as they exist, and you have no idea what standard they are measuring anything by, or what the hell they’re going to do to you.

At this point, we’ve certainly gotten the message that it is illegal to defend yourself if Antifa attacks you on the street. We’ve heard that loud and clear: it’s a federal crime to defend yourself if these people attack you.

To what extent you are allowed to try to escape Antifa isn’t clear yet, but will be more clear after this trial. We do know that you can at least be charged with murder if Antifa attacks you and a fat person has a heart attack while you’re trying to escape.

We also know that they will never be charged with anything (or charges will all be dropped), no matter what they do.

But who knows how far this goes?

For example: If Antifa breaks into your house with a gun at night, are you allowed to fight back? Are you allowed to try to dodge the bullets? Or do you have to let them murder you?

What if Antifa breaks into your house and you decide to just go ahead and follow what appears to be the established law and let them murder you, but they miss you with their first shot and it ricochets off the wall and hits and kills them?

Can you then be charged with murder? 

See, no one knows.

We are living under rule by riddle.

A Talmudic riddleocracy.