Chicago: Hero Cop Who Killed Disreputable Negroid Convicted of Murder

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 6, 2018

TIL: there is a law against killing niggers.

I always thought they gave you a bounty. Like when you kill a coyote.


Chicago police Officer Jason Van Dyke was found guilty Friday of second-degree murder in the 2014 shooting of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald.

Van Dyke, who was also found guilty of 16 counts of aggravated battery with a firearm, sat impassively in a dark suit — his shoulders slumped — as the verdicts were read in the high-profile case. At one point, he sipped water from a bottle. He was found not guilty of official misconduct.

The officer’s wife sat stoically, arms folded, as the long verdict was delivered. His father lowered his head while some members of the McDonald family held hands.

Van Dyke’s bond was revoked and sentencing was scheduled for October 31. He left the courtroom with an officer.

But seriously though.

He was a cop. That was a nigger. He feared for his life in a confrontation.

This disreputable nigger was breaking into cars, then he ran down the middle of the road away from the cops with his hand in his pocket. He was holding a knife, not a gun, but I’m sure that wasn’t clear at the time.

This is the video, if you forgot.

What was the cop supposed to do?

Just relax? 

You’re never supposed to do that.

One would think if you are out committing robbery, and the cops show up, and you decide to run from them, you should at least do so with your hands up, no?

What is going on?

Oh, I see – it was actually all of White America that was on trial.

“This is a victory for America,” the Rev. Marvin Hunter, McDonald’s great uncle, told reporters. “America was on trial here and people all over America and all across the world have been waiting to see what was going to happen.

Yeah, so, all of White America was being convicted of murdering all black people.

It was all white people protesting against themselves, by the way.

The Jews really are incredible.

They have convinced an entire army of whites to convict themselves of murder.

If I were the cops, I would outright refuse to ever respond to any report of a black doing anything.