Chicago: Nogs Block Freeway in Protest Against Guns at Behest of Israeli Mayor

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 9, 2018

lol @ niggers – “the only way we’re going to be able to stop shooting each other is if you make all guns disappear – this is all your fault.” 

A Jew provoking a bunch of Chicago blacks into marching for white people to have their guns taken away so they don’t shoot each other – pretty much sums up America.

The Guardian:

Thousands of Chicago protesters shut down a major highway on Saturday to oppose gun violence and call for stronger gun laws.

After an hour-long standstill, police announced they were shutting down all northbound lanes of the Dan Ryan Expressway to allow protesters to march on the road.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the city’s police superintendent had voiced support for the protest, which was led by the Rev Michael Pfleger, the charismatic Catholic priest heading a largely African American church in one of the South Side neighborhoods hard-hit by gang violence.

Illinois state police have jurisdiction over the interstate, and had threatened to arrest anyone who stepped on to the entry ramp.

But protesters were allowed on to several lanes of highway on Saturday as corrections department buses waited alongside. Protestors chanted “shut it down.”

Pfleger, the Rev Jesse Jackson and Chicago police Superintendent Eddie Johnson were walking side-by-side among them.

Look, niggers.

Here’s the thing.

You are shooting each other.

Chicago shooting deaths by race (big pie) suspects/perps (small pie), 2015

So, maybe that is perhaps on you, rather than white people.

Secondly, these guns are not owned legally. Chicago has some of the strictest gun control laws in America.

They are illegal guns that are involved in these shootings.

Gun control, which means taking guns away from people who legally own them, has not and will not affect the issue of black people using illegal guns to shoot one another.

The short story is that you are being trolled by Jews, dear niggers.

The actual solution to gang violence – the only sensible solution – is stricter policing. We know this works because Rudy Giuliani did it in New York.

But the situation is, your own Israeli Jew Mayor, who is calling for gun control, also supports Black Lives Matter and attacks his own police force.

He did this right along with Obama, during the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement, which caused cops to retreat from black neighborhoods for fear of being charged with a crime for doing their job and protecting your neighborhoods.

This is called the Ferguson Effect and it is why, since this BLM thing started, your murder rate shot up to 1990s levels.


Niggers: you either have to decide to stop shooting each other, or allow police to stop you from shooting each other. “Yall white racist muffugguhs needs to do a law to takes all our niggas guns away” is not a solution here, because the guns used in these shootings are not legally owned.

Federal gun control laws will have zero effect on your situation.