Chicago Shooting: “Someone has Been Locked Up. And They’re Trying to Solve Something.”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 3, 2018

Wow, WaPo.

Double negatives in a headline?

Riddle me what?

Let me help you out here.

That should read: “Someone has Been Locked Up. And They’re Trying to Solve Something.

Washington Post:

Deangelo Norwood had been in the hospital for three days when the detectives appeared, asking questions about the man who had shot him in the stomach, chest and wrist.

“Is this the guy?” they asked, holding up a grainy photo. Could be, Norwood said, but he didn’t know the guy and, to be honest, he hadn’t gotten a good look.

Nearly a month later, no one has been arrested for the July 30 shooting outside a Chicago liquor store that severely injured Norwood, 30, and killed his brother Omar, 35.

“That’s the norm in this city. We live amongst a lot of killers,” Norwood said, adding that the detectives have stopped calling. “Ain’t nobody been locked up. And they ain’t trying to solve nothing.”

The Norwood brothers have joined the grim ledger of Chicago violence, part of a wave of summer shootings that has propelled the city, again, to the forefront of the national debate over guns and violence. As of Tuesday, 365 people had been killed in Chicago this year, more than in any other U.S. city.

Yet the growing death toll obscures a far larger group of victims — more than 1,600 people who, like Deangelo Norwood, have been shot this year and survived. While homicides routinely go unsolved here, the perpetrators of nonfatal shootings are even less likely to be brought to justice.

Since 2010, Chicago police have made arrests in only about 27 percent of homicides, according to a Washington Post analysis of homicide data in more than 50 major U.S. cities — the lowest rate of any city The Post examined.

That is probably because blacks ain’t not don’t never talk to the police.

That’s a quadruple negative there – meaning it is a positive. Meaning it could read: “blacks never talk to the police.”

It makes it impossible to really solve a murder, unless you’ve got DNA or video or something.

But the thing here is: who gives a fuck?

For nonfatal shootings, the arrest rate plummets into the single digits, according to data maintained by the University of Chicago Crime Lab. The latest report shows Chicago police made an arrest in 10 percent of nonfatal shootings in 2014, 7 percent in 2015 and just 5 percent — 1 in 20 — in 2016.

While the numbers in Chicago are particularly abysmal, the pattern appears to hold in other cities. Because no comprehensive national data is available on arrest rates for nonfatal shootings, The Post requested the information from 50 major U.S. cities. Only six provided it and only for select years.

In those places, The Post found that nonfatal shootings were less than half as likely as homicides to result in arrests. In Charlotte, for example, police have made arrests in 71 percent of homicides but in just 30 percent of nonfatal shootings since 2013. In Miami, police made arrests in 1 in 3 homicides but in just 1 in 5 nonfatal shootings between 2014 and 2016. And in Omaha, police made arrests in 67 percent of homicides but in just 18 percent of nonfatal shootings in 2016 and 2017.

Yes, yes.

Black crime up all over the place.

We know.

It is a direct result of Obama waging war on the police by starting prosecutions of them for doing their job, which resulted in police pulling out of black neighborhoods, which – SHOCKER – resulted in blacks killing one another a lot more.

It’s called “The Ferguson Effect.”

Let me get out my violin.

Meanwhile, there’s just been a study – HEAR THAT, MA – A STUDY – showing that global gun deaths are very high, and that 6 countries make up over half of these deaths.

The US is number 2 on the list of six.

I wonder what that chart would look like if we did it by race instead of nation?

Actually, I don’t wonder, I know.

We already have this data.

It would be ordered thus:

  • Blacks
  • Aztecs
  • Mestizos
  • Whites
  • Asians

In other words, it would be ordered in the reverse of the average IQ.

But such a chart would not assist attempts of JEWS to take away the Second Amendment from White Americans, and so will not be a top story in the Jewish media any time soon.

“Niggers are shooting each other like crazy, goyim. You must give us your guns because of this.”