China Calls Trump Tariffs “The Biggest Trade War in Economic History”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 6, 2018

I’m gonna have to read a few economics history books to confirm the truthiness of this statement as absolute, but considering that large scale international trade hasn’t really been a thing for that much of history, it seems it is probably a legit characterization of the situation.

But whenever you’re looking at this situation, you must consider, as the Daily Stormer explained, that all of our goods already have tariffs on them going into China, and all Trump is doing is trying to level the playing field.

He didn’t start this war.


China’s commerce ministry says the country has no choice but to fight back after the US “launched the largest trade war in economic history,” as Washington’s 25 percent tariffs on various Chinese imports go into effect.

“On July 6, the US began to impose 25 percent tariffs on $34 billion worth of Chinese imports. The US has breached WTO trade rules and launched the largest trade war in economic history to date,” the ministry’s statement read​​​.

The Trump administration’s new 25 percent duties apply to 818 Chinese imports worth $34 billion. They are the first stage in levies threatened by the US on a total of $450 billion worth of Chinese goods.

China warned that while it promised not to “fire the first shot,” it will now be forced to “counterattack” in order to defend its core interests. Beijing has vowed to inform the World Trade Organization and work with other countries to “jointly safeguard free trade and the multilateral system.”

As Beijing geared up to respond to the new tariffs, it warned that the US would be “shooting itself in the foot and hurting the world” if it were to go through with the measure. Reciprocal levies had reportedly been prepared, which were set to take effect on the same day.

All of our manufacturing was stripped from this country not simply because of sweat shops (which hardly even exist anymore in China) but because of tax benefits. The government signed these agreements that were part of a globalist plan to make China the manufacturing center of the world. Ultimately, every company had to play ball in order to compete, unless they were some kind of luxury product.

An iPhone or a pair of Nikes made in China cost 30% more in China than it does in America. Figure that one out.

This may in the short term cause the price of some goods to go up, but the wages are already going up rapidly, so what difference does it make? What goods do normal people even buy? How many times a year do you have to buy a Chinese-made electronic product?

And just as an example here: if this makes the Chinese-made New Balances the same price as the US-made New Balances, importing New Balances from China becomes nonsensical. Instead, we can make them all in the US and export them to other countries.

China: $69.99

USA: $179.99

China, it has been leaked, is targeting their “tit-for-tat” at areas where Trump supporters live.

The Hill:

A leaked propaganda notice from the Chinese government states that the country is using to tariffs to try to disrupt and split President Trump’s base, Business Insider reported on Tuesday.

The notice, leaked and published by the China Digital Times, which monitors media censorship in China, states the tariffs are meant to split “apart different domestic groups in US.”

“We stop negotiation for now, acting tit for tat, roll out corresponding policies, hold public opinion at a good level without escalating it, limit scope, and strike accurately and carefully, splitting apart different domestic groups in US,” the propaganda notice reads.

“The trade conflict is really a war against China’s rise, to see who has the greater stamina,” the document continues. “This is absolutely no time for irresolution or reticence.”

The document also directs media to not report on comments from Trump or other officials, adding that outlets shouldn’t “attack Trump’s vulgarity; don’t make this a war of insults.”

So then.

Let the games begin.

I’m absolutely certain Trump is loving this. This is his field.

And I’m sure he appreciates that China responds with a diabolical plan, instead of dropped-eyebrow whining.

A strategic move can be responded to with a strategic move.

When someone is whining at you and calling you a mean person while their fake eyebrows are falling off, what are you supposed to do?

Call them a fag?

This is a war we’re going to win.