China Defends Handling of Tiananmen Square, Says Killing People Asking for Democracy is “Correct Policy”

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
June 4, 2019

“Tank Man,” an iconic picture from the Tiananmen Square protests.

China refuses to apologize for fighting off democracy.

Daily Mail:

A senior Chinese official said it was ‘a correct policy’ for Beijing to kill unarmed students during a pro-democracy protest in 1989 because of the great changes the country has experienced since then.

Commenting on the controversial crackdown, known as June the Fourth in China, Beijing’s defence minister said: ‘In the past 30 years, China has gone through tremendous changes under the leadership of the Communist Party of China.’

He added: ‘How can you say our handling of June the Fourth was not right?

The minister, General Wei Fenghe, also said: ‘There is a conclusion on June the Fourth. It was a political dispute, a political upheaval.

‘The central government took decisive measures. The troops took measures to prevent and stop the upheaval. This is a correct policy.’

General Wei was speaking at a regional security forum in Singapore on Sunday ahead of the 30th anniversary of the military crackdown.

Hundreds, or by some estimates more than a 1,000, unarmed civilians were killed when troops and tanks were deployed to extinguish the demonstrations in Beijing on June 4, 1989.

By killing those democracy faggots, China has protected itself from these democracy faggots:

“Democracy” doesn’t really exist. Name-dropping “democracy” is a Jewish trick to advance the Jewish agenda.

“Equality” is a necessary pillar for the modern idea of democracy. Everyone is equal, race is a social construct, gender is a social construct, blacks and whites are equal, and men and women are equal.

Because everyone is equal, everyone gets to vote.

Everyone gets to vote because all voices matter.

Of course, equality doesn’t exist. Everyone is different. Not all voices matter.

Not all lives matter.

Equality is a destructive delusion that enables another destructive delusion: modern democracy.

Ask yourself if it makes sense to let people who are against America’s Founding Fathers vote in America just because they happen to be in America.

I hate what the creators of this country created, I hate this country, therefore I’ll vote against it.

Ask yourself if it makes sense to let drooling retards (women) vote.

Ask yourself if anything about democracy makes sense today. Not even the people who talk about democracy the most believe in the idea of democracy that they sell.

Thanks to democracy, faggots are getting married.

Thanks to democracy, faggots are able to adopt kids.

Thanks to democracy, the armies of Mordor are invading our countries.

Thanks to democracy, the Jews are able to hide their fingerprints.

I’m happy for China.

Any country that defends itself from democracy has a better chance at preserving its national identity and its sovereignty.

Killing the democracy faggots was not just a correct policy — it was also a correct long-term strategy.