“China Equals Hitler” – Zambians Rise Up Against Benevolent Slant-Eyed Overlords

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 24, 2018

I told the Chinese, I told them, I says to them, I says: if you’re going to colonize Africa, you need to wipe out the population with a gene-specific virus.

But no one ever listens to Anglin.

And they always regret it.

Times Live:

“China equals Hitler” said the sign held up in the Zambian capital Lusaka by a protester opposed to Beijing’s tightening grip on the economy of the southern African nation.

The demonstrator, James Lukuku, who leads a small political party, was picked up by police and spent several hours in a cell reflecting on his one-man protest.

But he is not alone in opposing China’s growing presence in President Edgar Lungu’s Zambia and in particular its major programme of loans to Lusaka.

In fact his criticism echoes concerns shared by many across swathes of Africa and beyond, where some fear that China’s mega-projects risk leaving already fragile economies in even worse shape.

“I want to bring to the attention of the international community the Chinese influence and corruption in Zambia,” said Lukuku who wore a white T-shirt emblazoned with the slogan #sayno2China.

China is the main investor in Zambia as it is in several other African countries and with its offers of “unconditional” aid, most public tenders are awarded to Chinese bidders.

In Lusaka and across the country, China is busy constructing airports, roads, factories and police stations with the building boom largely funded by Chinese loans.

China also this week experienced an uprising against their agent in the Maldives, a shithole island in the sea between India and Africa.

The Guardian:

Voters in the Maldives have thrown out the incumbent president, Abdulla Yameen, in an extraordinary rebuke to a leader who jailed political opponents and judges and drew his country closer to China during a tumultuous five-year term.

With more than 80% of the ballots counted on Sunday night, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, popularly known as Ibu, was ahead by an unassailable 17 points in an election viewed as a referendum on democracy in the Indian Ocean archipelago.

Yameen, 59, is yet to concede but Solih has claimed victory in the capital, Male. “This is a moment of happiness, a moment of hope, a moment of history,” Solih told a a cheering crowd of party supporters. “For many of us this has been a difficult journey, a journey that has led to prison cells or exile.

“It’s been a journey that has ended at the ballot box. I must thank all those people who have struggled for this cause.”

China is going to learn the same lesson whites learned if they’re not careful: if you want to conquer a brown land, you either have to exterminate the population (United States), fuck all their women and create a halfling race of intermediaries (Mexico – doesn’t work well) or rule over them with an iron fist (every British colony before WWII). You cannot do this in a friendly manner.

The blacks and other brown-skinned monsters do not respond to diplomatic gestures. These lead to slaughter. And no matter how few women are in China, you are not going to get Chinese men to screw these apes.

And if you rule with an iron fist, Mama Merkel will have hurt feelings, and tell on you.

And since you’re in a trade war with the only guy on earth capable of getting this stupid bitch in line, you won’t be able to call on him for help.

So your only clear option is to engineer a virus to completely wipe-out the local population. This is very simple. Then you can extract the sweet, sweet resources of Africa and build all your projects in peace.