China: Extinct Ape or Demon Monster from Another Dimension?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 25, 2018

Okay so claiming that this is the skull of an “extinct ape”…

…I think it is at least as reasonable to suggest it is the skull of some type of demon monster from another dimension.

Especially when you consider the story.

Fox News:

Scientists studying bones unearthed from an ancient tomb in China’s Shaanxi Province have discovered the remains of a new but totally extinct species of ape.

The experts, who were led by the Zoological Society of London, made the incredible find in a 2,300-year-old burial chamber. The tomb may have belonged to Lady Xia, the grandmother of China’s first emperor Qin Shihuang, who oversaw the construction of the Great Wall of China and the famous Terracotta Army.

So is it really that far out there to suggest that this evil Chinese grandmother made contact with creatures from another dimension in order to gain the knowledge to build the greatest structure man has ever built?

Am I going out on a limb here, people?

This sure as hell doesn’t look like any gibbon skull I’ve ever seen.


This alleged extinct gibbon has a much flatter skull – and double-huge tusks.

When the tomb was excavated in 2004 a number of animal remains, which included gibbon bones, were unearthed from 12 burial pits. By harnessing computer modelling, scientists were able to identify a new genus and species of gibbon. Named Junzi imperialis, records indicate that the gibbon probably survived until less than 300 years ago.

“This previously unknown species was likely widespread, may have persisted until the 18th century, and may be the first ape species to have perished as a direct result of human activities,” the researchers explain, in the study, which is published in the journal Science.

Then why is this the only skull of one we have?

If they went extinct only 300 years ago, why aren’t there skulls everywhere?

Gotta be at least a 50-50 chance that this creature – buried with the queen mother who gave birth to the greatest building project in all of human history (at least that we know of – could be bigger ones underwater and/or at the North Pole being hidden by the kikes) – was some kind of interdimensional being summoned through some chink voodoo to teach some kind of secrets.

Because it wasn’t just the wall – it was also the Terracotta Army.

What the hell is that?

Why does it exist?

There are 8,000 lifesize soldiers. Really detailed.

Literally, they all have different faces – as if each was modeled off of a real person.

A bunch of horses too.

Ostensibly, Emperor Qin Shi Huang built this stone army to fight for him in the afterlife.

Can you even begin to imagine the resources that went into building that?

While he was also founding an empire by building a massive wall to keep out an invading army? And unifying China under single rule?

He made time to send 700,000 men – more men than lived in any city on the planet at the time – to build these model soldiers.

We’re supposed to believe he did that because of “superstition”?

He seems like a pretty competent individual – not some superstitious retard who just imagined the idea that stone models were going to fight for him in another dimension.

You motherfuckers want me to believe that is unrelated to grandma’s satanic ape creature?

Who’s kidding who here?


Maybe I kid.

Sort of.

However, one thing I can tell you: we are not being given the whole story of world history.

Not even anything close to that.

There are things which happened – and there are things which are happening now – which go beyond our understanding. Things which we do not even have a frame a reference for.

Reality itself is not what they told you it is.

Life and existence is not what they told you it is.

There is something much bigger going on here.

And you need to be aware of that as you plan your next moves.

As you plan your life generally, you need to understand that you are not some random collection of atoms that for some reason came to life and then for some reason transformed into a conscious, self-aware being.

You can take a Christian angle on that, or you can take a different angle on that, that’s your call – I’m just telling you, do not take the kike Carl Sagan angle, because these Jews are lying to you.

The idea that dead matter created life which then created consciousness which then created the ability to create new consciousness – this idea is completely nonsensical and totally nonscientific on the face of it. It just isn’t believable, unless you’ve been told there is nothing else you are allowed to believe.

You exist for a reason, existence itself exists for a reason, and we are all tied together here in something that is bigger than any of us can understand.

Things are happening now.

Things are changing.

We are going somewhere.

Keep your chin up.

Keep healthy in body, mind and soul – as much as you possibly can.

Be ready for things to get weird.