China is Also Bringing the Drugs, You Know

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 1, 2018


At least they’re not rapists.

And their not forcing us to babysit their children.


Federal authorities seized a large amount of fentanyl they say was shipped to a Philadelphia port from China.

U.S. Customs and Border Patrol officers seized 110 pounds of the deadly opioid after a routine check at the Area Port of Philadelphia.

Officers discovered 50 packages that contained sealed bags of a white, powdery substance.

The estimated street value of the 110 pounds of fentanyl was $1.7 million.

CPB says their fentanyl seizures have been trending upward over the last several years. During 2016, the first year CBP started tracking fentanyl seizures, officers seized 440 pounds nationally. That number grew to 951 pounds in 2017, and 984 pounds through the end of April 2018.

This has been happening.

It obviously isn’t the Chinese government doing it – they don’t need this publicity – but it is their responsibility. And it really should be an issue that is getting more attention that it is. A lot more.

This is what’s killing people. Not even the heroin.

Btw: who ships two million dollars worth of drugs and fails to properly seal it to conceal it from sniffer dogs?

I mean, you expect this from the spics, but…