China Moving in to Help Venezuela After US Cut Their Power

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 13, 2019

US sanctions have successfully managed to literally cut the power from Venezuela by hacking their grid. Obviously, this is a brownish country which should have planned ahead a little bit better (digitalizing your infrastructure is completely insane), but they made decisions based on their poverty situation (digital infrastructure is much cheaper).

And shutting down people’s power because you hate their leader is a nasty thing to do. It is a form of open warfare.

These people have been reduced to drinking sewer water because of the shutdown of electricity.

Now, the Chinese are moving in to help.


China says it is ready to help Venezuela to restore its power grid. The South American country suffered a five-day blackout, with Caracas accusing Washington of cyber “sabotage.”

Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said Beijing had noted reports that the power grid had gone down due to a hacking attack.

“China is deeply concerned about this,” Lu said, adding that Beijing “hopes that the Venezuelan side can discover the reason for this issue as soon as possible and resume normal power supply and social order.

“China is willing to provide help and technical support to restore Venezuela’s power grid,” said the spokesman.

Venezuelan Minister of Communication and Information Jorge Rodriguez said on Tuesday that operations of the country’s power grid have almost fully resumed nationwide.

The blackout hit Venezuela on March 7, as national electricity supplier Corpoelec reported “sabotage” at a major hydroelectric power plant called Guri. Power outages have been reported in 21 of the 23 Venezuelan states.

Basically, by doing something so nasty as shutting off their power grid, the US has given China an excuse to just move in whatever kind of military equipment they want in order to help defend them from a US attack.

The neocons were always horrible at playing “the global chessboard.” They were only able to have any success at all because there weren’t any competitors.

Now there are competitors, and they’re just going to get wrecked. The only thing the American ZOG has is unlimited spending for the military. And in a modern warfare situation, that is worth less than strategy.