China Planning a Moonbase

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 26, 2017

The US is very planning to integrate billions of ISIS refugees and feed infinity brown children, balancing this against the immediate need for the forced trannization of every single public bathroom in the country, as well as the pressing issue of pouring billions upon billions into Holocaust remembrance and slavery reparations and ensuring the escalation of tensions with Russia towards a world war.

Meanwhile, China is planning a moonbase.

Daily Mail:

China is talking with the European Space Agency about collaborating on a human settlement on the moon.

The secretary general for China’s space agency, Tian Yulong, disclosed the talks today in Chinese state media.

The ESA has previously described its ‘Moon Village’ as a potential international launching pad for future missions to Mars.

Further details on what the collaboration could entail were not revealed.

But last year, the head of the ESA elaborated on plans to build a village on the moon.

‘The future of space travel needs a new vision,’ said Jan Woerner.

The concept is a base for lunar exploration by humans and robots, which would act as a stopover for spacecraft, and become a ‘village’ with mining and even tourism.

‘The future of space travel needs a new vision.

‘Right now we have the Space Station as a common international project, but it won’t last forever,’ said Woerner.

‘If I say Moon Village, it does not mean single houses, a church, a town hall and so on. No, that would be misleading.

‘My idea only deals with the core of the concept of a village: people working and living together in the same place.

‘And this place would be on the Moon.

‘In the Moon Village we would like to combine the capabilities of different spacefaring nations, with the help of robots and astronauts.

‘The participants can work in different fields, perhaps they will conduct pure science and perhaps there will even be business ventures like mining or tourism.’

Woerner said the village could even help man get to Mars.

‘The Moon Village would also act as a ‘pit stop’ for the further exploration of the Universe,’ he said.

If white people hadn’t gone down the Jewish path to social, cultural and racial suicide in the 1960s, we would already have a city on the Moon and a colony on Mars.

If Hitler had won the war, we’d be in the process of colonizing other solar systems.

Instead, the few remaining intelligent white men who actually care about the future we were all promised as children have to go beg the Chinks to be a part of their programs.

There is only one way to get our race back on track to the stars: it’s called WHITE SHARIA.