China Reinforcing Border with North Korea

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 25, 2017

Obviously if something happens in Best Korea, there’s going to be a refugee problem.

Russia has already move troops to their border with the country and has kept them there. China always had a bunch of troops there but now they’re sending more.

At least according to CNN, this is happening (can they even be trusted to report basic facts at this point?):

China is further fortifying its border with North Korea, new reports show, amid continued tensions on the peninsula and concerns over potential US military action against Pyongyang.

The North Korean-Chinese border stretches 880 miles (1,415 kilometers) across China’s Liaoning province, an industrial and mining heartland prone to heavy smog and painfully cold winters.

In more hospitable months, the border city of Dandong plays host to hundreds of tourists coming to gawp at North Korea — from boats on the Yalu River which separates the two countries, or through binoculars on a section of the Great Wall overlooking the international boundary.

Below the tourists, trucks carrying Chinese goods rumble into North Korea as a small number of shoppers and traders head in the opposite direction.

Cross-border interaction has remained largely consistent even as relations between North Korea and its one major ally have fluctuated amid increasing nuclear and missile testing by Pyongyang and angry denunciations from Beijing.

But recent reports published on Chinese military and government websites, first highlighted by the Wall Street Journal, show Beijing is moving to reinforce the border as tensions on the Korean Peninsula rise and some in the US call for regime change in Pyongyang.

Oh, okay.

So CNN is citing WSJ, who is citing Chinese government websites.

So I guess that’s probably real news. Unless WSJ was just like “it doesn’t matter, the goyim can’t read Chinese anyway, they’ll never know.”

Probably, it’s real though.

And China would certainly know if something was about to go down.

Besides opening an investigation into Hillary Clinton – which I think is the best option – the second best distraction for Trump would probably be bombing NK.

I sorta hope that doesn’t happen, because I think making peace is a better option and is an achievable goal, but I also don’t really care that much.

As long as South Korea and my k-pop are safe.