China Responds to Mass-Murdering Planet of the Apes Government’s “Human Rights” Gibberish

Daily Stormer
February 28, 2014

"Monkeyman, why you talk?  Every sound from your mouth sounding like you retard.  Tell me more funny joke, Monkeyman."
“Monkeyman, why you talk? Every sound your big lips making sounding like you retard. Tell me more funny joke, Monkeyman, every day I laugh your Monkey face.” -China to Obama

Yesterday, the US government, headed by King of the Apes and child-murderer Barrago Obingo, attacked China over alleged “human rights” violations.

They were of course, once again, asking to be talked to like idiot children. So China went ahead and did that.

From AFP:

China on Friday issued a report on human rights in the US, denouncing it for foreign drone strikes, state-sponsored spying and “rampant” gun crime after Washington criticised its rights record.

Beijing said the US “concealed and avoided mentioning its own human rights problems”, such as a government-run intelligence programme known as PRISM which it said “seriously infringes on human rights”.

The document came after the State Department issued its annual global human rights report Thursday.

China regularly produces a statement on the US in response. It does not release rights reports aimed at other countries.

The report, released by China’s State Council, or cabinet, singled out the US for criticism for drone strikes in countries such as Pakistan, which it said have caused “heavy civilian casualties”.

It also said the US suffers from “rampant gun violence”, while its agricultural sector employs a “large amount of child labourers”.

At least getting talked down to by China isn’t as bad as getting talked down to by Uganda.

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