China Says Concentration Camps for Moslems are Reeducation Centers

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 18, 2018

tfw Islamic in China

Emperor Xi is so BASED.

He gives so few fucks that he is literally a black hole of fucks – any fuck in his orbit gets sucked into another dimension.

It really is a shame that we have to have this trade war with China. He seems like a guy Trump could really get along with. But we just don’t have any choice with the trade war. Literally no choice. These traitors – Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama – gave away our entire country for free, and we have to get it back.

Too bad.

It’s no one’s fault really. Xi and Trump are both great guys.

The Guardian:

Chinese officials have pushed back against growing criticism of the detention of Muslim minorities in internment camps, claiming authorities are merely providing professional training and education.

Beijing is facing allegations of mass incarceration and repression of Uighurs, Kazakhs and other ethnic minorities in Xinjiang in China’s north-west. An estimated 1.1 million people have been placed in internment camps, including re-education camps where, according to former detainees and other witnesses, inmates are subjected to intense political indoctrination and abuse.

“It is not mistreatment,” Li Xiaojun, the director for publicity at the Bureau of Human Rights Affairs of the State Council Information Office, told reporters on Thursday, according to Reuters. “What China is doing is to establish professional training centres – educational centres.”

Li added: “If you do not say it’s the best way, maybe it’s the necessary way to deal with Islamic or religious extremism, because the west has failed in doing so. Look at Belgium, look at Paris, look at some other European countries. You have failed.


“You have failed.”

Li Xiaojun is my new hero.

Someone make MLG memes of him.

I can’t find any pictures of him, when you Google Image his name it’s all pictures of a Chinese powerlifter.

…but maybe it’s the same guy…?

I wouldn’t be surprised if they put a powerlifter in charge of “human rights” in China. Chinese have such a different culture than the West that there is generally no overlap in humor, but that is something I could see them thinking was funny which I also think is very funny.

The Chinks simply do not fuck around. And when you ask them, they throw the shit back at you – “how’s that kindness to Moslems working out for you, whitey?”

You can talk about all the different issues with the different races, but when it comes to Moslems, there really is no argument that makes any kind of sense as to how you can deal with these people other than concentration camps.