China Says Moslems are Happier in Re-Education Camps…!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 16, 2018

China is really leading the global world in terms of how to deal with problematic minorities.

What’s more, the minorities are actually HAPPIER in re-education camps!


China has fiercely defended an escalating crackdown in the far western province of Xinjiang as necessary for security, claiming inmates of “re-education camps” are happier following their imprisonment.

International outrage has been growing over reports the Chinese government has forced as many as one million people into “re-education camps,” where former detainees say they were forced to endure intensive “brain washing” sessions including close study of Communist Party propaganda.

“International outrage.”

In the most vocal defense yet of the mass internment of the mostly Muslim Uyghur minority group, Shohrat Zakir, a high-ranking Xinjiang government official, told state media the Chinese government was fighting “terrorism and extremism” in its own way, and in accordance with United Nations resolutions.

“Today’s Xinjiang is not only beautiful but also safe and stable. No matter where they are or at what time of the day, people are no longer afraid of going out, shopping, dining and traveling,” he told state-run news agency Xinhua, Tuesday.

“There is still a long way to go for southern Xinjiang to eradicate the environment and soil of terrorism and religious extremism.”

Shohrat Zakir’s interview came as Nikki Haley, Washington’s ambassador to the UN, denounced the situation in the region as “straight out of George Orwell.”

Sure and you’re straight out of Kipling, you sick bitch.

This situation here is what I’m worried about as far as a “Saudi Arabia Effect” or “Khashoggi Effect” – all of these sickening “muh values” people coming out with noises about human rights being the defining factor of foreign policy – and they are of course allowed to enforce this as selectively as they want, as evidenced by the fact that this wench Haley is an Israeli shill and will never talk about the fact that Israel has over 10,000 Moslems in prisons being held without charge.

Here are some of these now much happier fellows in a camp, singing songs to the leader Xi and saluting the Chinese flag.

The fact that they are still allowed to wear those faggot hats shows that Xi is a whole helluva lot more extreme than I am.

We Need This in America

Instead of going full-Nikki Haley and whining about human rights, we need to put minorities in our own country – including Nikki Haley – in camps.

They will be happier there.

We can brainwash them by forcing them to sing songs about Donald Trump.

The men can be sent to fight wars of conquest against other brown countries in the name of the God Emperor, and it won’t matter if they die because who cares.

The young women can be sent to “comfort centers” (rape camps) for incels and the older women can be forced to produce textiles in sweatshops.

China is way ahead of the curve on this.

Forcing minorities into camps while you move in members of the majority population to their territories is the way of the future, and the only really civilized thing to do.

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