China Takes Children of Moslems in Concentration Camps to State-Run Orphanages!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 21, 2018

China really does know how to deal with the Moslem issue in a world where you aren’t allowed to use the Stairs of Death.

Good on them.


Chinese authorities are placing the children of Uighurs and other ethnic minorities into dozens of state-run orphanages across the far western Xinjiang region, as around 1 million adults in their families are sent to internment camps.

The orphanages are only the latest example of Beijing’s efforts to systematically distance young Muslims in Xinjiang from their families and culture. Uighurs fear such efforts are erasing their ethnic identity, one child at a time.

In Istanbul, The Associated Press spoke to a dozen Uighur families during the Muslim holy festival Eid al-Adha, which comes with large family reunions. Tables in every home were resplendently laid out with traditional Xinjiang dishes like homemade noodles, freshly butchered lamb and crispy nan bread.

But the Uighurs who fled China to avoid detention describe the sharp absence of the children they left behind — children who they believe are now in the hands of the very government tearing their families apart.

I am fascinated, confused and offended by the Chinese, as a general rule.

So it is always great when I get glimpses into their sense of humor.