China Threatens to Invade Taiwan! Why Not Let Them???

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 24, 2019

Taiwan is a big problem for China. It is what they think about first, much before any of this other stuff.

Fox News:

The Chinese government said Wednesday it will not rule out the use of force in its effort to reunite Taiwan with the mainland.

Beijing’s latest Defense Ministry report listed the containment of Taiwanese and Tibetan “separatists” as its top priorities. The report also said the United States’ deployment of a missile defense system in South Korea has undermined the regional strategic balance.

“If anyone dares to separate Taiwan from China, the Chinese army will certainly fight, resolutely defending the country’s sovereign unity and territorial integrity,” said Defense Ministry spokesman Wu Qian.

Taiwan separated from mainland China in 1949 during civil war. The communist-ruled country, however, does not accept the democratic country’s independence.

The U.S. maintains a one-China policy and doesn’t have diplomatic ties with Taiwan, but occasionally supplies the country with defense equipment and support.

China threatened to sanction the U.S. after a $2.2 billion arms sales to Taiwan was tentatively approved earlier this month.

If the West allowed China to invade and absorb Taiwan, it would occupy their time for decades. It would also create many jobs for their people, and soften the blow of renegotiating trade in a way that is more beneficial to America.

It is a very obvious thing to simply back off from that situation and allow China to reunite. It would solve the entire “China problem” that the US is dealing with.

But of course, no one in our government actually cares about solving problems. They actually want to do the opposite, and make problems worse by causing chaos. So common sense does not apply.

In this context, the Taiwanese are no different than the Albanians, the Rohingya or the Kurds or any other weird group the Jews support in order to attack a country that they are against. The Taiwanese are terroristic Chinese rebels, who should be subdued.