Chinese Actress Cast for Mulan Remake Calls Out Hong Kong Terrorists

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 17, 2019

No one likes these CIA terrorists!

Jackie Chan is against them, this bitch is against them – this is not popular among Chinese people! Chinese people love their country, and these people are traitors!

Jackie Chan is rich and old and lives in China, but this chick is at the beginning of her career – and she’s willing to risk going against the Jews and their democracy host in order to stand up for her people!

China has a good government. Not only would I prefer to have a government like the Chinese than this democracy bullshit – I would prefer to be a vassal state of the Chinese than have this government we have now!


Six months before the release of Disney’s Mulan, the live-action film is already the subject of calls for a boycott after its Chinese American star, Liu Yifei, posted in support of the authorities’ crackdown on pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong.

Liu, who also goes by the name Crystal Liu, will star in the title role of Mulan when the film is released in March. But on Wednesday, the star posted an image on Weibo taken from People’s Daily, a newspaper that acts as the mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party.

“I support Hong Kong’s police, you can beat me up now,” Liu wrote. “What a shame for Hong Kong.”

For the last week, protesters have been camped out at Hong Kong International Airport, but violent scenes broke out Tuesday as demonstrators and riot police clashed in the terminal.

The phrase Liu used in her post — “you can beat me up now” — has become a rallying cry online for people from mainland China who oppose the protests after footage went viral showing a Chinese state-media reporter shouting it while being assaulted by demonstrators at the airport.

It’s a good line.

These savages are going out in the streets waving foreign flags and beating up their own people.

The Jewish media reported – without any evidence – a conspiracy theory that this reporter was a “Chinese spy.”

BuzzFeed’s reporting of this is also bullshittery – they’re reporting exclusively on people attacking her, while it’s a matter of absolute fact that over A BILLION CHINESE PEOPLE support what she said!

Liu’s decision to wade into the controversy has been blasted by democracy campaigners and online supporters.

The actor, who was born in China and later became a naturalized US citizen, has been criticized for living in a country where freedom of speech is celebrated while failing to support protesters fighting for the same rights.

“Real ironic for a naturalized American citizen to shit on people fighting for freedom and democracy,” said one person who participated in the hashtag calling for a boycott of the actor’s upcoming film.

It isn’t fucking ironic.

No one has ever moved to America because they wanted “freedom and democracy.” No one on earth gives a fuck about that concept. It is an absolute hoax. There is no freedom, and democracy is the most corrupt system of government ever invented.

What the hell are we even talking about?

There sure as hell isn’t freedom of speech – if you criticize powerful people in this shithole country, they will shut down your social media, they will steal your domain, they will sue you. If you protest against the establishment in this country, the police will attack you and drive you into a mob of communists and then accuse you of terrorism when someone gets in a car accident.

This country is an absolute fucking nightmare, and any Chinese person who wants their country to be more like the US should be in prison.

Others have accused the actor of supporting police brutality.

“Mulan actress basically saying ‘I support the Hong Kong police (brutality), bite me’ let’s do so via #BoycottMulan,” said another.

You people support brutality against the police!

We’ve all seen the videos!

This irate CNN bitch was talking about how the police are abusing the protesters – as the cops get chased out of the subway by a mob of masked men with bats!

This is all a gigantic hoax and you would have to be retarded, evil or both to promote it as a real thing.

Supporters of the pro-democracy protests have descended on the actor’s Instagramcomments section, leaving disapproving statements about her views.

BuzzFeed News has reached out to Liu’s representatives for comment.

Disney has been urged to comment on the issue but is unlikely to do so.

“So, where do you stand Disney?” one Twitter user said. “Is profit the most important to you, or do you support people who want nothing more in their lives than freedom – as characterized in plenty of your movies? Or do you side with China? Pretty sure it’s answer one unfortunately.”

Representatives for Disney did not immediately respond to BuzzFeed News’ request for comment.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they fire her and reshoot her scenes with some nigger!

They’re doing this to whites, and the Jews appear to now view the Chinese as on the same level as whites!

Disney is run by the same filthy rat kikes as this stupid fake democracy bullshit in China.

The kikes keep getting chinked by chinks who they think they can use as feminist symbols who then support their own race and nation.

They have apparently very badly misread these people, who apparently don’t give a fuck about their Jew gibberish.

The Jews basically want everyone on earth to be an African or an Indian, while they rule over an utter shithole of a planet.

These people are absolutely disgusting.

They should not be in our country, they should not be in any country.

Hong Kong is China.

Taiwan is China.

Gas the kikes. 

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