Chinese Laugh at Time Magazine Moslem Concentration Camp “Dead Baby” Hoax

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 5, 2018

In response to being rounded up and shoved into concentration camps, the Chinese Moslem population has gone full-Jew and is claiming a Holocaust is being committed against them.

Unlike the Germans, however, the chinks will not be so quick to believe their idiotic lies. And even if they do end up believing them, they won’t care.


China’s state-run Global Times argued on Monday that most Chinese people “laughed” at Mihrigul Tursun, a Muslim Uighur woman who revealed last week she had suffered beatings, electrocution, and the killing of her infant child in an internment camp set up by Beijing.

China has denied assertions by the United States and United Nations that Beijing has forced up to one million Muslim minorities — mainly Uighurs but also ethnic Kazakhs and Kyrgyz — into an estimated 1,200 mind-transformation centers, also known as concentration camps, where the prisoners face systemic torture, disappearances, executions, and arbitrary detentions, among other crimes.

Beijing claims the facilities, located in Uighur Muslim majority-Xinjiang province, are vocational and educational centers aimed at combatting terrorism and religious extremism.

Maybe if she would have just said “beatings,” some people would have bought it, but when you start talking about murdering babies, most anyone with any basic sense will start laughing at you.

The dumb bitch’s stupid claims were printed by the fake news outlet “Time Magazine,” which is famous for not even trying to make their stupid hoaxes seem believable.

Global Times:

I did an experiment: Sending the link [of the article] to ordinary Chinese I know. Most of them laughed when they heard Tursun’s testimony. “It’s nonsense,” was their first reaction. Why did they react this way? The question should be left for editors from Time magazine to answer. If they treated her testimony more skeptically, figured out how outdated was the language she used and whether her remarks were reasonable, then the magazine wouldn’t have made such a fool of itself. China has made enough explanation. But those editors are still unimaginably ignorant of China. Will more explanation work?

No my slant-eyed friend.

More explanations will not work.

If the baby died, it probably died of starvation because she forgot to feed it because she was too happy singing songs all day to the Beloved Panda Emperor.

…but I doubt there are any dead babies.


People who talk about murdered babies are always, always lying.

No one murders babies.

Which is why Lars von Trier has to make movies about it.

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