Chinese Set Up Crying Camps to Get Moslems to Reconnect with Suppressed Feelings

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 25, 2019


Can we just take a second and enjoy this atrocity porn that the Jews are pushing about China?

I want to be clear, I don’t think any of it is true. It’s just justification for the Huawei nonsense, the sanctions that are coming and increased military presence/the funding of Islamic rebels that is surely in the pipeline.

But let’s just say that it is true.

This is lulzy AF and I’m taking notes for when I become Minister of Ethnic Purity Control in the ethnostate and my job is just to create living hell on earth conditions for non-Whites that we round up.


China’s Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region is notoriously dotted with huge re-education camps for Muslims where very little autonomy can be found.

A survivor of the camps told Radio Free Asia (RFA) in an interview published on Monday that detainees are allowed one hour to weep every two weeks and are punished for weeping outside of the “crying sessions.”

Are these pussies crying that the Chicoms aren’t allowing them to just mope around and cut themselves while listening to Linkin Park all day?

And even if that were true, why should I or the average American care?

Does Yahweh believe that the tears of brown people are sacred or something?

The detainee, Guzire Awulqanqizi, is an ethnic Kazakh who was held in one of the camps from July 2017 to October 2018. Most of Xinjiang’s Muslims are of the Uighur ethnicity, but the province borders on Kazakhstan and has a significant Kazakh population.

Awulqanqizi said many of the inmates are reduced to tears by the stress of enduring 14-hour daily political indoctrination sessions with only two-minute toilet breaks for relief.

The Chinese do that to their own kids when they’re memorizing all the possible answers to the American SAT exams – this isn’t torture at all, it’s just your standard Chinese education.

Listen to the Moslems whine some more, the inbred little pussies:

“They say, ‘Now you can cry,’ but if we cry at other times when we feel the need, they criticize and threaten us, saying they will move us to a different camp,” said Awulqanqizi, who now lives in exile in Almaty, in neighboring Kazakhstan.

“When we feel sad and cry, they say, ‘You cannot cry now—you can only cry when it is your allotted crying hour.’ At the crying hour, they shout at us, ‘Now you cry!’”

Cry now! Cry, you little bitch! 

According to Awulqanqizi, authorities in the camps have established a crying hour because “they know we were suffering,” but even when detainees are permitted to express their emotions, “we have to cry quietly” while monitored by camp officials.

“They stayed and watched us,” she said, adding that each classroom was observed by five teachers and two police officers.

Classroom monitors would threaten detainees with electric batons and verbally abuse them if they cried outside of permitted crying times.

What is going on in this article, lmao. 

You get the impression that these Moslems ran up to the nearest kike journalist they could find and started saying, “Chinese very bad, we cry all de time, we very sad. Look! Look! Abu Hamja cry right not, look! Very bad, Chinese. Very Bad!!”

Also, as an aside, people should stop saying that Moslems are alpha or w/e. It’s just objectively not true. They’re all weak and pathetic crybabies who only look strong because they travel in packs and have Jews propping them up in the media, the schools, the workplace, the government and anything else I can’t think of right now.

But now you’re telling me that they need a mandatory crying time set aside every day because they’re being taught how not to be savages by the benevolent Chinese government, who could (and probably should) just as easily exterminate them, and they can’t handle the stress?

Sad. Just sad. On a personal note, I’ve only ever cried once in my life.

It was when I saw Blade Runner 2049 at the movie theater. I put this guy to shame:

But if you weren’t crying and applauding and standing up in your seat and shouting “bravo!” when K lay down in the snow and the Blade Runner theme started playing, there is something wrong with you.

As far as I’m concerned, you should be put in a Chinese-run crying camp where they will teach you how to feel again and put you in touch with your humanity like they’re trying to do with these Moslem savages.

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