Chinese Troops Allegedly Gathering on Hong Kong Border – White House Says It’s “Monitoring the Situation”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 1, 2019

I thought we weren’t going to be the world police, Donald?

Why then are we “monitoring” what Chinese people may or may not be planning to do to other Chinese people?

The White House is monitoring the sudden “congregation” of Chinese forces at the border with Hong Kong, according to reports, following another night of unrest and clashes between protesters and police.

A senior US official who briefed reporters on the condition of anonymity said a number of units had gathered, but it’s unclear if they are security police or part of China’s military, Bloomberg reports.

It comes as Beijing accused the United States of inciting the increasingly unruly protests in Hong Kong, which began two months ago over a proposed extradition bill that could see citizens sent to the mainland.

Since then, demonstrations have evolved into a statement against Beijing’s influence in the operation of the relatively autonomous region.

Bloomberg cites the White House official as saying the US is watching China’s mainland border manoeuvres. Reports of the gathering of forces has sparked panic among Hong Kong locals on social media.

Overnight, protesters in Hong Kong clashed with police once more, with several hundred people taking to the streets.

The latest unrest was sparked by media reports that 44 people who had been arrested on Sunday would face a range of serious charges.

This is the definition of “world police.”

At least with Iran or North Korea or whatever, they claim there is some threat to Americans. No one thinks “after China puts down a rebellion in a Chinese city, they’re going to head straight at America.”

It’s bullshit.

And it’s double bullshit because this entire Hong Kong riot situation is being fomented by Western-trained and Western-funded change agents.

I hope China goes in with tanks and live ammo and just mows all these motherfuckers down.

I want to see Tiananmen Square Part II.

China has an absolute riot to deal with in their own country. And unlike the American government, they can do so with the blessing of their own people.

Make no mistake: this entire situation in Hong Kong is a kike attack on one of the only remaining countries in the world that is not 100% kiked.

China needs to send a strong message to the world and put these rabid dogs down like rats.

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