Chinks BTFO: Trump Giving Billions in Aid to Farmers Targeted by China

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer 
July 24, 2018

Strap yourselves in, ching-chong. This heat is about to get hot.

I told you Trump would love China trying to target his own support base with their tit-4-tat (not to be confused with tattooed titties) counter-tariffs.

He loves this sort of thing. It is just The Game.

A lot more fun than dealing with the G-7 just whining like a bunch of babies.


The Trump administration is planning to ease fears of a trade war by announcing Tuesday about $12 billion in aid to farmers hurt by retaliatory tariffs, according to three sources familiar with the plan.

The administration’s plan is expected to use two commodity support programs in the farm bill, as well as the Agriculture Department’s broad authority to stabilize the agricultural economy during times of turmoil by buying up excess supply. The plan is also expected to focus on providing aid to the dairy sector in particular, one of the sources said.

The plan has been in the works for months. It seeks to ensure that U.S. farmers and ranchers — a key constituency for President Donald Trump and Republicans — don’t bear the brunt of an escalating trade fight with China, the European Union and other major economies as the administration pursues an aggressive course to rebalance America’s trade relationships.

Trump’s moves to slap tariffs on imports from some of America‘s largest foreign buyers have prompted retaliation against U.S. farm goods like pork, beef, soybeans, sorghum and a range of fruits. The administration’s trade aid plan is also a bid to shore up support among a slice of the rural electorate ahead of the midterm elections.

Trump this week is touring through Midwestern farm states like Missouri, Illinois and Iowa, where he will likely get inundated with questions about his trade agenda, which has been rebuked by a number of U.S. industries, including the agricultural sector and the business community in general, along with many members of Congress.

More so the latter than the former.

I imagine the farmers trust Trump.

And for good reason.

Trump is the leader of the white race.

And that includes all of its farmers.

The president’s interest in reassuring an anxious farm sector was evident on Monday when he gave a shout-out to farmers during an event at the White House while unveiling new campaign-style hats that say, “Make Our Farmers Great Again.”

“Make our farmers great again. That’s what’s happening,” Trump said, as he showed off one of the green hats with yellow lettering — a color scheme resembling that used by tractor maker John Deere. Trump said he just had the new hats made.




Funnily enough, this is going to be incredibly powerful as a propaganda prop.

But other professions are going to be jealous…

What about “make our drywall technicians great again”?

I guess we’re going to have to wait until some foreign agent tries to sabotage drywalling – oh wait.

Yeah, Trump.

Drywall technician hats plz