Chutzpah: EA Claims Their Jew “Loot Boxes” Aren’t Actually Gambling

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
May 9, 2018

Use real money for a chance to get worthless cosmetics in a video game? All Packaged in a psychologically manipulative way in order to target children? Sounds legit.

Unlike a lot of people, I wouldn’t say that loot boxes “ruined” gaming. Because games started sucking way before those became commonplace.


What happened is that these vidya studios wanted to keep making shitty SJW games, but still wanted to make boatloads of money. So they packaged their garbage-tier games with manipulative gambling mechanics using real money in order to make a fortune.

Of course, they could always make games free of poz that appeal to White males. Those are still highly profitable, even without multiplayer subscriptions or loot box bullshit.

Case in point.

However, like the rest of the entertainment industry, these AAA publishers are now fully committed to force-feeding trannies down the goyim’s throat. So that’s not going to happen very much anymore.

Dual Shockers :

During Electronic Arts’ financial conference call for the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2018, Chief Executive Officer Andrew Wilson responded to a question concerning the fact that a few regulatory bodies in Europe classified loot boxes in some games, including FIFA 18, as gambling.

Wilson mentioned that the publisher is working with all of the industry associations globally and with regulators in various jurisdictions and territories. They have already been working with many of them for some time, and have “evaluated and established that programs like FIFA Ultimate Team are not gambling.” He also confirmed that EA does not believe that FIFA Ultimate Team or loot boxes, in general, are gambling.

Wow, if the casino publishers think it’s not gambling, then they must be telling the truth, right?

After all, outside of the literal billions of dollars they’re making out of loot boxes, what possible motive could they have to lie?

Games are already profitable without DLC and loot boxes. It’s just free money off the top.

The reasoning behind that is that players always receive a specific number of items in each pack, and secondly, EA does not provide or authorize any way to cash out those items for real-world money. There is no economic value assigned to them. They also actively seek to eliminate any kind of trading in illegal environments, working with regulators to achieve that.

This is just Jew goobledeegook. Gambling is a psychological state of mind. You can have gambling even with no money involved – like farming for rare loot in an MMO. It uses the same mental mechanism.

But these people are charging real money to gamble on virtual items. And while they might “crack down” on online sale of those items, it still happens all the time.

This is all very well understood by these people. And they’re counting on gambling addicts making them rich.

It’s the same deal with “freemium” cellphone games – a game that is worth $7-9 is gotten for free by the majority, while a minority pays hundreds or thousands of dollars playing it because of the addiction element.

As a result, the publisher is “continuing to push forward and always thinking about players” and how to deliver the features “in a transparent, fun, fair, and balanced way.” They will continue to work with regulators around the world on this.

Oh, I’m sure EA will continue to “push forward.” They’ll push further, and deeper and harder. I agree it’s all very “transparent.” Not sure about the rest though.

These kikes are begging to be regulated by the Feds, just like the rest of the tech industry.

This is why we can’t have nice things.