Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 8, 2018

Donald Trump.

He did just what he said he was gonna do, and the money came in sacks.


President Donald Trump is raising the stakes in his gamble that the world will line up behind the U.S. to take on China over trade.

Trump said Friday he’s willing to slap tariffs on an additional $267 billion in Chinese goods, on top of duties of $200 billion in imports is already considering. The administration will act on the $200 billion “very soon depending on what happens,” Trump told reporters on Air Force One. “I hate to do this, but behind that there is another $267 billion ready to go on short notice if I want.



If the president follows through, the threatened tariffs and those already in place would more than cover the value of all goods the U.S. buys from China, according to U.S. government data from last year. The U.S. imported $505 billion of Chinese products in 2017, Census Bureau figures show.

For the Trump administration, Friday began with sunny signs for the labor market before Trump’s hawkish trade-war rhetoric clouded the outlook. U.S. stocks erased gains after his trade-war rhetoric and headed for their first weekly decline in a month. The S&P 500 Index fell by 0.1 percent to the lowest in two weeks by 3:30 p.m. in New York.

“I don’t think this magnitude of tariffs has been priced into the markets,” Lara Rhame, chief U.S. economist at FS Investments, told Bloomberg Television in an interview. The strong performance of markets over the past few months “keeps getting disrupted by news on trade. It’s just another indication we’re not out of the woods yet,” she said.

Signs have been growing in recent weeks that Trump wants to focus his ire on China, which he has repeatedly accused of trading unfairly. The U.S. and European Union announced a trade truce in July, promising not to impose new tariffs on each other. Meanwhile, the administration has reached a preliminary deal with Mexico to overhaul the North American Free Trade Agreement, and has been negotiating around the clock with Canada for a new three-nation pact. The president earlier this week signaled an agreement with South Korea was close to finished.

White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow said Friday the U.S. wants to build a “coalition of the willing” to take on China that would include the EU, Japan and other allies. “The Chinese, you know, may find themselves more isolated if they don’t come into the global process,” Kudlow said in an interview with CNBC.


Of course, the EU won’t get on board with this.

The “other allies” has to be one country.

You all know its name.

You all know its famous leader.

It is the most obvious thing in the world.

The two most powerful countries coming together… to take on the whole rest of the world.

We already have a flag.

I mean, I’m not anti-China. I actually like Xi. I think he’s grrrrrreat for the Chinese people. I wish him a long and prosperous life.

But we have a situation here.

The situation was of course not really created by China. It was created by the Bushes, Clinton. No one can really blame any country when the most powerful country in the world says “here, we’re just gonna go ahead and give you our entire industrial sector – totally and completely for free, with absolutely zero strings attached. You can just have it. Here it is.”

So I don’t hold animosity to China. But the fact is that these people gave our industry away without our consent, when it was totally obvious what it would do to the country, but they said that somehow it would CREATE jobs and make the economy STRONGER. This is like someone telling you “here, let me stab you a bunch of times in the guts with this shiv – it will make you feel GREAT.”

So, Trump is doing what needs done.

No way around it.

Has to be done.

Trump has a plan. A long plan.

A plan to make America great again.

And everything is finally on  track.

It’s all happening right now.

Which is why Jews are losing their shit and trying to stir some shit with Russia in Syria… which would derail all of this.

BUT THE UPSHOT – nuclear war.

I’m totally fine with that.

As far as I’m concerned – it’s win-win.

MAGA or Fallout.

There is no third option anymore, lol.