CIA Shills Marching in Belarus, Because of Course

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 8, 2019

Remember when John Bolton went to Belarus and I said that the only possible reason he would be there is that the US State Department is working on yet another Georgia/Ukraine/Hong Kong style coup there?

Well, I called that one.


Roughly 1,000 Belarusians joined an unauthorised demonstration on Saturday against the prospect of a closer union with Russia.

Long-time ruler Alexander Lukashenko was meeting with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in Russia on Saturday to discuss “key issues in our bilateral relations, including the prospects for deepening integration”, according to the Kremlin.

Angered by the potential deal, crowds of mostly young Belarusians headed towards the government headquarters in the capital Minsk carrying signs that read “it’s not integration, it’s an occupation” and “the president is selling our country”.

Many waved EU flags or those of the opposition. Police quickly intervened to oversee the demonstration but made no arrests.

This is yet more astroturfed Western meddling.

They invite these people to go to school at Georgetown or some other spook university, then they send them back to start these insane revolutionary movements.

There is no argument that Belarus isn’t Russia. With the Ukraine, you can at least try and claim that. But Belarus is literally a part of Russia, everyone living there is Russian.

But this is the new strategy for the last stage of globalism – these fake revolutions, funded by the US government, getting people to attack their own country in the name of Coca-Cola and Mickey Mouse. Or, more likely, in the name of Red Bull and The Avengers.

What do these people think is going to happen?

After the Ukraine had their CIA revolution, it was less than a year before gay pride pedo faggots were marching through the streets in parades, while Jews were selling off all their resources with the help of Joe Biden’s crack-smoking son.

Is that what they want? I doubt that is what they want. But it is an absolute fact that this is what they will get.

It really just shows how stupid the masses really are, which is why Jews love Democracy so much.